Forza 3 Wants You To Get Behind This Wheel

FM3 Wireless Steering Wheel ImageWhen the V8 Supercars-endorsed Forza 3 launches in Australia on October 23, you'll have the option of picking it up with a steering wheel.

Microsoft has announced a bundle including the Xbox 360 wireless wheel and a copy of Forza 3 retailing for $199.95 RRP. That's $50 more than the normal RRP for the wheel, but you do get Forza 3 for cheap.


    To bad that wireless wheel is terrible.

      your wrong. the wireless wheel is great.

      i have one with a racing simulator setup.

      the ONLY thing that makes it worse than the g25 is it has no proper shifter!

      Its the perfect size, the rumble is great and the wheel is responsive and accurate!

        oh also our wheels every now and then will automatically while racing switch to the telemetry screen and lose all steering. pretty annoying when you been chasing someone down for the last 6 laps.anyone else experience this?????? very very very unhappy with it, fingers crossed for new one.

        Must be faulty. Never had an issue with mine and its a perfect wheel.

    Makes sense.

    Certain stores are only providing these to preorders and wont have extra stock...

    i own a wheel and its crap two of my mates have one and their views are let us down with this porche wheel for forza3 looks like it might have some quality i think its gonna be $3-400 though.

    no clutch makes me sad...especially considering Forza 3 supports it.

      new porche wheel has clutch thank god

    this wheel is no good for Forza 3 as it is missing a clutch pedal, fanatec are the wheel + pedal setup you wanna get, im trying but there making it very hard! im looking at u HES!

      yeah fanatek thats tha one. need it ,wont it, gonna get it!better not dissapoint or ill be smashing my xbox and buying a

    Does anyone know if forza 3 will support the G25 wheel?

    I'll get that

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