LAN Planner: Gaming Out West

LAN Planner: Gaming Out West

If you’re an Xbox 360 gamer in Perth, you should throw your TV and console in the car and head on down to PXLAN this Saturday.

Oh, and PC gamers are welcome too!

PXLAN runs all day, October 31, at the South Ballajura Community Centre. Thirty bucks gets you in and will keep you fed with pizza and soft drinks.

Left 4 Dead, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Guitar Hero 5 and Soulcalibur 4 are high on the list of games you’re likely to encounter. Although organiser James claims to be looking forward to beating all-comers at FIFA 10.

Head over to the PXLAN site for more info and registration.

PXLAN [official site]


  • It’s a little odd that you make a post like this when there are plenty of other events just as large that never rate a mention. It would be cool if you had a weekly column or something that outlined whatever competitions were being run all over Australia.

  • I think its good that you have mentioned a Perth event. Although I will not go, Perth is seriously the most isolated city in the world and needs a little attention occasionally.

    Thanks Kotaku. You are my one stop shop for all things gaming. Well maybe not all things. Keep it up. I even clicked on one of your adds for some revenue.

    Ya me.

  • $30? That’s a bit steep. I remember going to LAN’s and they only costed me $10.

    I’d go…but I don’t want to make people cry on guitar hero…or halo…or cod…

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