LunchTimeWaster: Have A Totally Random Game

arrow puzzle picI had nothing prepared for today's LunchTimeWaster. So I went to Kongregate and picked a game at random.

I just clicked on the first page of the Latest Games section and chose one that looked slightly interesting.

It's called Arrow Puzzle. I've never played it. Don't know anything about it. Except I suspect it is a puzzle game involving at least one arrow.

Let me know if it's any good.

Arrow Puzzle [Kongregate]


    Not too bad.
    Doesn't last long enough to fill in lunch though.

      Then again I guess you could play it 10 times in a row trying to beat your own score to fill the time as I have.

    Hey David, I sent you in a lunchtime waster idea a couple of days ago which you may be able to use. Bloody hard one to master I can tell you, did you get that email? Would be interested to know how far us kotakuians can make it down the track.

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