Meet Mr Tekken Today In Sydney

Played a Tekken game, any of them? You have Katsuhiro Harada to thank. You can thank him in person today in Sydney.

Harada-san will be making an in-store appearance at EB Games in Bondi Junction Westfield. He'll be there from 1pm to 3pm. You can:

* Get your photo taken with Harada-san and ask him to sign your Tekken games * Win a life-size Tekken statue of Jin and Kaz * Cosplay and win a copy of Tekken 6 a week prior to release * Score a Tekken 6 poster just for turning up

If you go, take some photos and send them to us at the usual address.


    Hey mate,

    Thanks for the info, would u be able to ask him our questions tho? I'm actually intrigued about the PS3-PSP connection, whether it'll be there or not... Coz I have both, and I don't mind paying for another $50-60 to be able to play with the same ID whenever, wherever.

    The Jin & Kaz statue is in jb hi fi in the QVB at the moment, please do not touch the statue lol.

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