Tell Us Dammit

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like what video content you'd like to see on Kotaku.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

If Kotaku AU were to create our own original video content, what would you like to see?

Me? I've got an open mind right now. Only thing I don't want to do is video reviews. So don't suggest that. Any other suggestions you might have, fire away.


    lame game endings... funny, you battle hard and fight your way through a game and forget what the lame prize is at the end... nothing much.

    But truely, what would be good is behind the scenes stuff, from game making, testing, thinktanks, to game shows, tournaments, stuff australia is usually too far away to see for yourself.

    How about something like IGN's Daily Fix. Daily gaming, movie and general geekery news condensed into 2 to 5mins episodes.
    Perhaps you could get Junglist to host it!

    Or were you thinking more along the lines of ideas for machinima videos?

    A week that was kind of round up of news events of the past week or two would be pretty good. Other then that, interviews with developers.

    Hey, what about some 'tips and tricks' info showing us how to step through and implement some of the cool-but-not-so-well-known functionality of the various consoles we use?

    [email protected]

    i'd love to see a video of what you all think are the best games of all time.

    also, resources willing, games as a sitcom. Revisit random games and see what they would be like as a sitcom (including bad acting/voice overs) - this is purely for my amusement... oh and everyone else i suppose...

    Not really much else i can think of that someone else hasn't already said..

    A weekly video series regarding the regular shafting Australia receives from the OFLC, Michael Atkinson and reactionary media groups. You'll have plenty of material.

    i thought about it but its just things like events, inerveiws etc that come to mind.

    my suggestion is when you leave to office, take the camera. if you see somthing worth videotaping, tape it and put it up. if we like it well let you know and if we dont well also let you know.

    workspaces come to mind. we have seen inside a lot of american studios but it would be nice to see the inside of some australian developers.

    events like the halo event or the bioshock beach event would also be cool to see. im up in north queensland so i dont get to see that kind of thing in person.

    1. instead of your run of the mill "behind the scenes" stuff about 'successful' projects, how about a feature that interviews (chats with etc) developers regarding projects that weren't successful, what they learned from them, what they didn't learn from them, and what they were trying to achieve and if they eventually achieved it on another project. (of course no one likes to talk about failure but this could be up to you how you present the 'findings').

    2. feature about indie game developers etc.

    Best use of jiggle physics in a next gen title

    YAY! No more Intrusive Psp Ad.

    On-topic, Is it just me or does uncharted 2 feel shorter than the first?

      Maybe not shorter but I have less inclination to play again. If I never climb that bloody carriage after the train wreck again I will be a happy man. Also, why can't I skip the tedious time consuming puzzles on subsequent play throughs. God that annoys me.

      What was the topic here again?

      Thats funny I actually thought it felt longer than the first. I really enjoyed both games immensely though. However, at the moment i also have little inclination to play through it again immediately after finishing it once.

    None really, I check Kotaku from work, so don't want anything with sound. I'd prefer not to miss out on stuff just because you've gone with a video format for that article.
    (When I'm at home I'd rather be playing games, than browsing games news =P )

      Yeah, I mostly check at work, so images (let alone video) are something I avoid.

      And yay no more PSP ad, I can read the site again...

    I skip video content on blogs - a page of text I can scan in seconds but video you have to sit there while it initialises ... buffers ... plays an advert ... plays an intro ... buffers a bit more ... disables skipping ahead ... .

    The only exception is video reviews... sorry.

    reviews and previews

    also interviews

    I would like to see (and not even specifically in video form) more lists, along with some reasoned arguments.


    "Kotaku's top ten co-op FPS's";

    "Kotaku's top 5 games for drinking with mates";

    "Kotaku's 15 worst RPG's".

    Video reviews.

    Jokes, interviews with people in the industry would be pretty cool. As long as you don't ask stupid questions such as 'How's the weather in Australia?' like the host for Eminence did to some Japanese sound producer, then that will be nice.

    Please please please can you put as few Youtube videos and as many videos from other sources as possible?
    Youtube is blocked at my work...damn you workplace damn you!
    When I go on to a link and I see videos from other sources than Youtube it makes my day, coz I can actually watch them!
    I know I'm probably a fairly rare case etc but if you have the option of a Youtube video or another source when going through and making original Kotaku vids (and I probably sound like a technology n00b right now)...go the other source.

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