Bargain Hunter: Are You Shocked By This Price?

Bargain Hunter: Are You Shocked By This Price?

When did inFamous come out? June? Yeah, early June. Which makes it barely five months old. How much do you think you can get a five month old game for at Target right now?

If you said forty bucks, you’d be right. Until November 22, inFamous is just $39.95 at Target. Given that it still carries an RRP of $109.95, that seems a pretty good deal.

Have you seen inFamous cheaper anywhere?


  • i got it at game for $45
    jb are also selling it for $44
    it came in a platnium case so i guess you can get it most places for that price now

  • inFamous is platinum now, so the new RRP will be $49.95. It didn’t take long and is a great game – now everyone go but it.

  • Ummm i can’t be certain, but i’m pretty sure i saw it at JB for $44 a week or two back. But i KNOW i saw it in a Big W catalogue for around $50 at one stage.

  • Yeah – it only seems to take 6 months for Sony to release their high profile titles on platinum.

    Killzone, Motorstorm Pacific, LBP, and Infamous all went platinum VERY quickly.

  • A little off track but bear with me as it has to do with saving money: I’m thinking about trading in a couple of games (COD4 and Far Cry 2) when I pick up MW2 some time this week. Not having traded games in before, are any stores better than others and is it worth it when you consider that you can track it down for about $70 at Big W etc?

    • I traded for the first time to get MW2 and I’ve got to say that I’ve been happy with the move so far. I got $27.33 each for the games and considering that if I ever wanted to play those games again that all I have to pay to get them back I don’t mind.

      I’ll probably start trading more based on this experience, I just traded at JB HiFi and it seemed to be alright.

  • I got it off ebay for $40 free postage and I thought I got a bargain as it usually goes $60-70 on there no including postage. THEN THIS DEAL COMES ALONG. God damn it! Atleast I havent LOST any money…

  • You can import Infamous from for £17 which works out to be about $30.

    The disadvantage is that you need to wait about a week for delivery.

  • WHAT?! inFAMOUS doesn’t deserve this markdown… it deserves MOAR.

    The reason why it’s so cheap is because it was made of fail from the beginning. Prototype wins. I think many have had this arguement before and yes – prototype wins.

    • On topic : I am a bit annoyed that I paid the extra $5 for no good reason.

      This is so much better than Prototype for a number of reasons. Firstly the graphics are much better on inFamous. I mean trying to collect the items on Prototype was complete hell due to the draw distance. The targeting was pretty clumsy in Prototype. Both games are a bit repetitive but I think the side missions were more fun with inFamous.

      But that’s just my 2 cents

    • /facepalm.

      Man you people are so immature. This isn’t 4chan, so don’t come in screaming ‘MOAR’.

      And as for inFamous vs. Prototype – well hey, a title going Platinum GENERALLY suggests good sales. Good sales = people like it ALOT. Possibly MOAR then Prototype. Who knows? Maybe Sony just pimps their titles for Platinum hell quick to show ‘hey we’re actually selling games’.

      They could have picked a better colour for their platinum range…i mean yellow?

  • @Cara

    “The reason why it’s so cheap is because it was made of fail from the beginning. Prototype wins. I think many have had this arguement before and yes – prototype wins.”

    Yes, a game goes platinum (meaning LOTS of sales) because it’s bad (made of fail, no less). REASONING. FAIL.

  • omg.
    Im going to print the evidence of teh price.
    And go to EBGAMES.
    buy it off them for that much. From now on thats what i will do.

  • I’ve always wondered, if a game is cheap in one shop such as Target, why go to EB games and ask for a price match, unless you can’t get to a Target store but you can to a EB store?

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