Everything Old Is New Again At EB

oh eb don't changeHere's proof the preowned games market is out of control. Why buy new when you can get an already loved copy for only six dollars more?

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    EB Games is a great place for Stocking Items and getting in extra bits and pieces here and there, but damn at times the Prices can be ridiculous, majority of Pre-Owned games they have there for the newer systems are like a couple of dollars off a New copy of the game, not to mention all of those stickers slapped onto it and scratched disks.

      thatswhy i rarely buy used games and when i get new games i go in early release day usally they havent had time to rip open the plastic wrap and ruin the case with those awfull stickers

        Get yourself some glue remover spray from Bunnings. The one I have is called 'oomph'. Those crappy stickers come right off.

    I've seen this in store plenty of times. I saw a pre-owned copy of MGS4 going $110!

    I agree that EB often has a poor and outdated pricing policy, who pays retail($119.95) for new games these days?

    But in this case the .92 cents at the end of the preowned indicate a $20 off sale price marked in the store..

    Because the pre-owned price ends in a 2 which means it is $20 off during their Christmas sale which just started making it $44.92.

    Is this really newsworthy? How about reporting on the fact that yesterday all EB Games have been instructed not to price match any console bundles this Christmas because they are losing too much money, effective immediately.

      GAME are still price beating on all consoles, accessories, games and GAMEware! No restrictions!

    Another EB related note! Yesterday I stopped by the EB by Town Hall station to pick up New Super Mario Bros Wii and asked if they'd price match K-Mart ($75) and was informed that they can only price match if the store in question is near by. I don't recall seeing a sticker that reads "Seen it cheaper? We'll price match it, but only if you saw it nearby".

      Yeah, EBgames lost all future business from me the day JB had a special on Drake's Fortune 1 in their catalogue. I took the catalogue into EB and they rang the 2 local JBs (which had sold out) and then refused to price match.

        ...you're being sarcastic, right? The JB stores had sold out, they have the right to not price match it because you can't get it at that price anyway because they are sold out. And if you want to pay the extra $X to drive to the 3rd closest store, well, you wouldn't have saved anything anyway.

        It's funny how everyone disses the crap out of EB, when truth is, they've been the #1 specialty games retailer for quite a while now, and will be for at least another couple of years. EB still has the best customer service out of anyone, regardless of what you little idiots say.

        I had a customer call me one day, after calling 5 JB stores and 3 EB stores, and funnily enough, only the EB stores and myself knew what the hell Final Fantasty Tactics: War of the Lions was. And I work at JB. JB staff might look cooler, but hell, most of them are pretty stupid..like the girl who I took over from. Not hard to manage a department, even if you know jack all about games.

        Another thing which is pretty annoying, is the fact that you all whinge at EB's full RRP on items. Yet, when half of you walk into JB, and get the games that are $20-$30 cheaper, you STILL have the nerve to ask for a discount, and then get shirty when we can't give you anything further off. Are you expecting things for free? It's really quite rude. How hard is it for you to understand that "ITS AT COST PRICE I CANNOT GO ANY CHEAPER"?? EB don't have TV's, Cameras or DVD's to make their extra money off, hence why they need to charge full RRP. JB does. And Kmart/Target only get like 1/4 of the stock that everyone else gets, so when customers walk into their stores and find out they're sold out, they think "well we're here, might aswell buy something else" and that's what they do, and that's how they make their money back. If you can't understand how a business works, aswell as also taking into consideration the whole financial crysis works, then please, don't add your 2c.

        Oh and as for the sticker remarks? I'm sorry - have you come across those horrid metal stickers we have to use at JB? You stretch the plastic when you try and remove the stickers. And the same for those horrid orange preowned stickers, they don't come off the plastic at all. I hate buying games from my own store because of those damned stickers :(

          ahh, i wrote 'crysis' instead of 'crisis'. haha. thanks crytek.

            Ranty McRant from Rantsville,

            bottome line is this, JB sell their stuff cheaper so I go there.

            $120 for a new game? GTFO of rantsville.

              where is the promote button for aus comments? because I would like to promote this one.

              EB price match. So JB is not ever cheaper, as EB will match anything JB has in stock. Its really quite simple. Check the price, go to EB, they will call JB, if JB have it in stock then you will not only get it at the cheaper price but if it is crap, like most games are these days, you walk back into Eb and they give you your money back. People who shop at JB are just as low a human being as the monkeys they hire to work there. And if they don't have it in stock at JB why should EB match it. So many times these companies put ridiculous prices often below cost price knowing they have very little as a company in stock and people expect EB to sell hundreds below cost price. Grow up, its a business, they need to make money. EB has better customer service, better games knowledge, better policies, better trade in prices, better range and they don't hire people based on how many peircings they have. JB staff are either EB rejects or people EB fired for being shit.

            I work at EB. Kudos.

          The price difference on offer was more than $50.
          JB were offering it for $49, EB for $109 - Pretty sure I could get to another freaking state with the difference, not just to the 3rd closest store.

          I don't care if they are the #1 speciality games retailer in Australia. The only reason they are there is because mums and dads take their kids in to buy them the next sims expansion pack or because people are getting store credit from selling games back to them.

          The fact is:
          1) They are more expensive than everyone else.
          2) Their staff seem the least helpful and knowledgeable and much more interested in getting an extra sale of something you don't want/pre-order deposit/disk insurance
          3) Their stores are so infuritating to be in. The EB voice over guy that plays on repeat just makes me want to get out asap.

          I personally recommend to anyone I know to stay away from them. I tend to recommend the folks at Dungeon Crawl in Melbourne City when I can. Mike, the owner is extremely nice and always happy to have a relaxed chat about any game on any system.

          I think it is you who doesn't understand how business works. If EB charge me 20-30 dollars more than the next store, why the hell would I buy from them...? I owe them nothing.

            oh man that voice over in the store is embarrassing.

            really, it is possibly the worst thing in the history of the human race.

              Mike = Absolute legend.

              Quite happy to wait a few extra days (as was the case for Borderlands for PC) just to buy from Dungeon Crawl. They're cheap, and have easily the best range of *QUALITY* games. as opposed to those oodles and oodles of shovelware at Game/EB (not *so* bad at JB...)

              But yeah, EB's inflated Pre-owned prices are nothing new, and will never change. There's no money in consoles, and they keep the prices high in hopes people are too lazy to price match, hence they make a couple quick dollars.

              Weeeee for simple business models!

          amen man. amen.

          You sir are the voice of reason surrounded by a mass of whingeing ignorant shit.

        Facts are pretty simple,

        Take Red Faction RRP:

        EB - $109.95
        GAME - $49.95
        BigW - $68
        Kmart - $78

        So why shop at EB???

      They're also refusing to match prices that are more than 25 bucks cheaper. Friend went to buy NSMB for $69 in a catalog, they refused, so he just went to K-Mart which matched it.

    This happens heaps at the ever so evil EB games.

    Actually, that's not 100% correct. .92 means it's $20 off. The other reason that preowned is sometimes more expensive is because of time lags associated with price changes. Sometimes new games are discounted and there's about a week until the preowned counterpart's prices are also changes. It's a retarded pricing system but they're the reasons why this occurs.

    The sold MW2 for $79, no price match required!

    All is forgiven?

      Shouldn't they automatically be selling it for that price... and then you forgive them when they actually undercut competitors?

    I think I mentioned this before somewhere, but when I went to get Lost Odyssey from them, they tried consistently to get me to buy the grubby, off-coloured preowned version, and when it became evident that I wouldn't, started making snide remarks.
    In the end it turned out that the preowned version was $40, while the new one I bought was $35.

    EB are a joke. They'll sell a game brand new for $120 and pre owned for $115. Yet other stores sell it brand new for $89.

      Funny how customers complain about that but when EB trade it for double the amount of everyone else customers don't. Can't have it both ways. If a game is sold for 119.95 it will generally have a cost price of approx $89. but people want at least 75 to trade a game they just bought at 120, so then to make more profit off the secondhand game than the new they need to sell it for more than 105 or there will be no point in the entire program. so quit your whinging, if you want a secondhand game cheaper don't complain when it trades for $40, if you want more trade value don't complain when it sells for $5 or $10 less than new. Once again it is how business works. And JB often are way overpriced but people are to stupid to realise they have been slowly jacking up their prices for the last 4 years and only new release games or clearance stock get big discounts anymore. 70% of JB's stock is overpriced crap.

    If your buying from EB Games your a fool.

    Over Priced, poor staff service and experience and no incentives.

    There once was a time it was good....now its just a real pos.

    Shameless bastards.

    Nice post Wildgoose. This is indeed newsworthy and everyone should be keeping an eye on those scumbags.

    I bought Dead Space from there last year as a gift for a friend. It was on sale for $50. They immediately tried to palm off a used copy on me. I said "No dude, a new one. Like in your catalogue." The clerk was shocked I had an issue with it. After listening to ther crap about 'pay an extra $5 for insurance' and banging on about giving me a VIP card, I just kept saying no, grabbed the game and walked out never to return. Sleazy pricks.

    In other news, Big W is awesome.

    I work at a Gametraders store, and I know by rule of thumb we tend to sell out preplayed games 30% cheaper (at least) than the new version of the game. EG: Modern warfare 2 new for $97.95 new, or 69.95 Second hand. EB puts those games on a mega half price sale halfway through the year...

    Unfortunately this does happen from time to time. It's because unlike New games, pre-owned games don't have a variable cost price. Sometimes a games store can trade in a game at $50 and that becomes the cost price to them. If a mint copy of that game gets dropped to say $30, if the store were to drop the pre-owned price to $20, then they are selling it at a loss of $30. It sucks for us, but i understand why it can happen.

      you mean it sux for EB they are the ones losing money on the deal

    This reminds me of the time I went into EB and saw a used copy of Twilight Princess on the shelf, 5 bucks more than the brand new copy sitting on the shelf directly next to it.

      It reminds me of the time when my friend wanted a Big Mac so he traded in MTV music generator 2 on Ps2 (cool game btw) for $4!!!!!

      They had it on the shelf the next day for $30!!!

      yeh yeh he is an idiot, but bare in mind he was only like 13 at the time.

        Wow your friend = A GOD
        Walked into the ever so evil EB (yes im repeating myself) today actually. Asked how much trade in my 10 day old Borderlands would get me. Smarty pants turns around and says, direct quote "We can offer you $15 for that game."
        After my look of serious WTF he then proceeded to tell me "Yeah its not much, but it really was a shit game right!?"
        Wow I left, and am never to return. Nice work Fountain Gate EB games

          Yeh, EB's trade prices are horrid. Twice I've traded something in and twice Game have beaten them on trade-in value -
          T2 Salvation
          Game - $40
          EB - $15

          Fight Night Round 4
          Game - $45
          EB - $15

    unless you get a sealed copy of a game from EB then everything in there store is pretty much "second hand"

      And Jb, and Game, and Gametraders....??

        I don't JB have any sort of return policy at all unless it's damaged. That's why they stamp the shit out of your receipts when you leave.

    Only good for price-matching (when they do) and taking advantage of their 7-Day-Return Policy.

    I love using that on certain games, but only when i know that i'll take a game back if i don't like it for another game i really want or already like. Did it with Uncharted 2.

    Got Uncharted 2, took back even though i loved it (thought i'd wait til Xmas) got another, hated it, went back and got Uncharted 2.

    But i don't think this is a case of the pre-owned games market is out of control. It's EB Games out of control with their ridiculous pricing schemes.

    What can someone explain the .92 cents thing? How is that known??

      It's known to the staff who put the sticker on the stock when it is put on the shelf. Sadly the computers don't seem to understand. I have no idea how their system works with pricing.

    actually the 2c at the end of the preowned price means it is $20 off, so it's actually $44.90.

    EB Games, good for two things;

    Sale bargains\unexpected gems

    14 day preowned game hire

    I will NEVER be able to hate EB thanks to stumbling upon Anno 1701 for $20, full card box and all, and giving it a chance.

    Nobody can say "This store had bad staff". Every store has different individuals with different personalities.

    I find that JB usually have games at a much cheaper price, I thought EBgames were expensive because their a game-specialty store and people wouldn't suspect that other stores sell games at a cheaper price. Basically, intentionally ripping people off, even though they didn't have to.

    Anon made me realize that EBgames pretty much have to charge at full RRP, since the other businesses have a wider range of stuff to sell.

    Still, though. I'd assume they could drop their prices and not go into financial administration.

      Actually a bunch of the outer suburb stores struggle to make a profit each day but are kept open because EB is trying to build its franchise as a household name.

    Not enough Harvey Norman hate happening in this thread.

    You guys have problems with EB staff? Ever tried talking to someone in JB? The first obstacle is trying to find them. They look like everyone else but with a lanyard.

    Then they just want to sell the crap out of you, or get you outta the store asap so they can hit up the next sale. The few times I've managed to ask them questions they don't know crap.

    They might be cheap, and thats a good reason to get EB to price match them, but their customer service is shocking.

    I even tried to complain to the manager about their service and was told that my issue wasn't worth his time.

    I walk into EB games after browsing games on eBay and steam, I lol then I walk out. The only time I got anything of value is when I brought Deus Ex for $5 but that is a seriously old game. Generally they're pretty tight when it comes to lowering the price games that are getting stale.At least this is from a PC perspective where games are generally cheaper, except at EB where they really don't seem to care about PC.

    So wait, it is $20 off, after they mark it up to cost more than a brand new copy, effectively bringing it down to the price it should probably be in the first place?

    That is ridiculous. A cheap trick to make people think they are getting a bargain when they see the $20 off sticker.

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