Krome Boss Confirms Job Cuts

Krome Boss Confirms Job Cuts

blade kitten picThose rumours of layoffs at Australia’s largest development house are true. Krome Studios’ CEO Robert Walsh confirmed today that jobs have been cut at its Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne offices.

Speaking to Gamespot, Walsh said an “undisclosed number” of its employees had been let go, but suggested that potential publishing deals may allow those let go to return.

“With declining game sales, the industry is really feeling the effects of the struggling economy. In spite of industry-wide cutbacks and Krome’s need to reduce costs, we’ve worked really hard to minimise the impact on our staff. These cuts, while incredibly difficult as they affect the coworkers we consider friends, are necessary as we position Krome for the future. We’re also actively pursuing several business opportunities which, if secured, will enable Krome to reemploy some of the staff given notice.”

Krome most recently shipped Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes for LucasArts, but outside of pet project Blade Kitten (pictured) the studio has not announced any other games currently in development.

Aussie studio Krome cuts staff [Gamespot]


    • what the hell is lol about good people losing their jobs?

      Also Blade Kitten looks awesome. But it’s not called Call of Duty: Warring Kitten Blades Edition so it won’t sell.

  • It’s strange. I was one of the unfortunates let go. I don’t feel angry at krome about it, just sad I have to deal with the fact I’m unemployed. I think I’d go back to krome if they offered my job back. The people in the studio I was at were an amazing bunch to work with.

    • Have a friend that works for another games company in Melbourne (don’t feel comfortable giving a name) who felt/said the exact same thing.

      I’m sorry to see the industry in such a state.

  • It’s about time this alien invaded company lost its reins and I hope it completely collapses. Krome Studios was creatd by a very talented and hard working young Aussie developer, but a newcomer in recent times wormed his way in and stole everything. This company now delivers CRAP and deserves to disappear completely.

    • Yeah – this tends to happen a lot when some older CEOs with their gained worldly experience and a tenacity for ‘company hopping’ jump on the bandwagon with the young and talented newcomers and take them for an exciting ride. Until the highway meets the flyway…

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