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cricket revolution picDo you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Ben does, as he can't bowl, can't throw.

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This review was submitted by Ben Warwick. If you’ve played Cricket Revolution, or just want to ask Ben more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Cricket Revolution (PC – Steam)

Cricket Revolution is the first game from independent Pakistani developer Mindstorm Studios. All international teams from Australia to Bangladesh are represented, although there is no official licence attached so don’t expect to see your favourite players.


Batting: There are around 35 shots giving you plenty of choice depending on where the ball is bowled. Shots are played by pressing arrow keys, similar to a fighting game. A double-tap of the left arrow key will attempt to play a cut shot with a right-handed batsman and tapping down then left will play a cover drive.

Momentum: The rewards for gaining momentum are what you need to strive for if you want a chance of winning a match. Bowlers will unlock a special delivery if they have the skill level and batsmen will rise in level from unsettled to on fire, widening the timing window for shots.


AI: It’s very frustrating to set a packed off-side field only to have the batsman walk a metre over to where you pitched the ball and hit it through a gap on the leg side. Also when batting, more often than not a fielder will hit the stumps when you take a risky run. This makes it hard to judge whether you should take a quick single or not.

Lack of Movement: Unless a fielder is chasing a ball they will stand frozen still. When they could be walking back to their mark after a ball has gone dead or providing backup to another fielder, this gives the game a very unnatural feel.

I enjoyed playing this as much as I enjoyed Ashes Cricket, and for only $AU25 on Steam you can’t go far wrong. Considering that this is an independently developed game, it’s a very solid first up effort.

Reviewed by: Ben Warwick

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    A good review overall. I own a copy of the game and so I know that you have most of it right. The only point that I think could have treated more even handedly would be the AI.

    Personally I believe the AI is one of the elements of the game that make it a real winner for me. True it not perfect, nothing is, but it gives me a challenge that other titles have so far failed to provide.

    Other then that, a job well done!

    I've been looking for a good game of cricket, perhaps these devs are receptive to player feedback?

      Over at there is a forum board dedicated to feedback and suggestions.

      @Stinky. They had a patch out 2 weeks after release addressing several gameplay mechanics that people wanted tweaked from the planet cricket forum

    Pretty good effort from the Pakistan based developers. Hasn't been a decent cricket game in years

    Very good effort

    ver nice effort!!!!
    Some big gaming houses has got now some serious competition!!!!

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