What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

Yes, let's find out what is on tonight's episode of Good Game.

I wonder if there'll be any comments complaining about Junglist being axed.

Here's your Good Game episode preview host... better known for his work previewing last week's episode of Good Game, Jeremy Pencil!

It’s that time of the week where we pull Bajo and Hex out of their refrigerated oxygen tents and force them to tell you fine folk what’s on Good Game this week.

* We dress up like a Renaissance-era Peter Andre and teach unsuspecting powermongers a lesson in manners in Assassin’s Creed 2.

* Bajo makes our ears bleed as he tackles a Singstar double-bill with Take That and Motown and, adding insult to injury, shonky Wii clone uSing.

* We take a shrink ray to the face and make a round-the-world trip with LittleBigPlanet as it wanders onto the PSP.

* And we spend some quality time with the Official Galaga World Champion – Phil Day. PEWPEWPEW.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8.30pm, or late Friday nights before rage.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame

Or, catch a higher quality version on ABC’s iView service

Enjoy the show!


    Did they review uSing just to troll it? There is a ton more bigger profile games out at the moment and they pick that?

    Oh wait they only had a day

    i can finally watch this thanks to iview on the ps3!!

      is I-View now on the ps3??
      or are you just using the web browser where the flash10 frame rate is really bad?

        iView is indeed on the ps3. I'm watching it right now. There's a new tab on the media bar called TV. It just opens up the browser, but the flash player has been updated to handle the video better.

    This show has major Hex appeal.

      ba dum tish

    I thought they were going to review L4D2 this week.

    this show is dead to me. Jung was the only pro-gamer who actually knew what he was talking about. Now we got 2 noobs instead of one. Good game ABC!

      And we have a winner!! *ding ding ding*

      OMG Jung was axed!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I miss Jung... but here's the thing.

    It's a show available on free to air television that talks about video games, without suggesting they're the reason kids today are such degenerates.

    As a gamer, I think we should encourage anything like this on television.

    Top Gear wasn't the first motoring show, but it's the best because executives saw motoring shows rated and so created more shows like it... then those shows tried establishing themselves from the others.

    So, I'll continue to watch it... both times a week, and hopefully I won't be the only one and the ABC may extend it to an hour. Maybe they'll brand diversify, or God willing... replace Rei with Jung.

      You know Rei comments on Kotaku sometimes, just letting you know before you face her wrath... >.>

      I don't mind Rei, when it was Jung and Bajo, it was nice to have Rei doing her 'serious business' journalism, that still kind of fit in with their reviewing tone, and it was interesting when she got into the more technical side of games.

      Now, with Hex and Bajo, it just seems weird. Hex and Bajo are all like 'look at how CAR-AZY we are!' and then Rei comes in and the show completely changes tone.

      PS: What is with them talking to 40-year old 'champions' of random old arcade games of late? It would be much more interesting if they met with current pro COD4, CSS or TF2 clans and players. Seriously

        1) Rei is Tracey Lien, when did people start bagging her out?

        2) I'd rather listen to people who played real hardcore difficult arcade games where you had to last as long as you could for 20c rather than a bunch of teenaged brats who should be doing homework bragging about their '1337 skillz' on some wanky FPS game where they die every 2 seconds

        Youve never seen "The King of Kong" have you?


        I always find it interesting to see how gaming has changed over the years, so it's nice when a cultural story is done looking at how gamers used to game. As DanDans said, back then they had to survive for as long as they could on a 20c play, so for them to establish world records as they did is nothing short of amazing. On top of that, I'm kind of grateful that gaming is so young that the original record holders of these retro games are still alive. Gotta talk to them while they're still around, dude!

    The show is good for a laugh. They play and review most games in 1 day. Many games are not finished in a day. So to me they are giving many games a first impression score.

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