What's On Good Game Tonight?

The best cure for Monday-itis is Good Game! Here’s what’s happening in tonight’s ep...

* We jump into some sweet espionage action with the shooter/RPG mish-mash of Alpha Protocol.

* Keen for some sweaty man-love? Our UFC 2010 Undisputed review has plenty of it, trust me.

* Skate 3 kick-flips into action, those who’ve been hanging out for this review will find it in tonight’s episode, so don’t forget to tune in.

Annnnnd we’ve all got one... a ‘Pile of Shame’... what’s in yours? What stopped you from persevering, and will you ever go back? Bajo ponders.

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Til next week, Hex


    You know, im kinda hoping you give Alpha Protocol a good rap, I wasn't digging it at first, but now that im a bit into the game its brilliant.

    You know what I think is funny? Every time anyone reviews a UFC game they always start with a gay joke. Does UFC really give off that much of a gay vibe?

      You're asking if a sport where sweaty, half naked men grapple each other and try to force the other man into submission is giving off a gay vibe?
      The answer is yes. Yes, it does.

        You see, I don’t make that connection. I don’t think that these trained boxers, wrestlers, judo, karate and kickboxing experts are really just closet cases. I can actually look at MMA as a spot, and not just two “sweaty, half naked men”

          Unfortunately we're not all as manly as this gentlemen here, who I would imagine instinctively blocked out that image with scantily clad women and beer.

      ppl mock what they dont understand! im sure ppl said the same thing about boxing back in the day.

        I don't think so. Boxing is more about hitting than hugging.

    Their reviews are always so late to the party. IMO they should head in the direction of print magazines and start to focus on features or interviews in stead. By the time they review a game most would have already picked it up.

    UFC is probably the least gay out of all boxing/wrestling etc etc leagues.

    IMO, if a game you say is "Not Good"....
    Stop giving them 5/10 stars!
    5/10 is "Middle of the Road".

    MORE than two reviews! This should be a good night.

    a.) Whatever happened to developer interviews? Previews? Sending people to E3, even????

    b.) If I see Ajax in this episode I'm going to up the valium dosage.

    c.) Looking forward to their opinion of Skate 3 (a game I played for a week then traded in as I put the ModNation Racers disc into the PS3).

    d.) Does anybody in the Good Game team want to explain why some games get reviewed so late after the release?

      From what I gather:
      a-1) They meld interviews in with the game review when discussing some sort of design philosophy of the game. Plus, full interviews are on the site.
      a-2) Although I remember some previews, I don't really remember it being a major part of an episode.
      a-3) Yes, well, considering E3 is NEXT WEEK, I'd imagine sending one of them now would be somewhat fruitless.
      b & c) Uh, k.
      d) From Wildgoose in last weeks What's on Good Game Tonight, concerning the 'lateness' of their RDR review: "Not sure how you can expect them to have reviewed it last week. They would have received their review copies (along with the rest of us) around May 19/20, certainly no earlier than perhaps a day before the show had to wrap." Given they operate on a weekly schedule, I think Alpha Protocol and UFC reviews are reasonably on time.

    WTF The Skate 3 review is like a MONTH late!

    Here is my review of Skate 3: It is Skate 2 with a 3 sticker on top of the 2.

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