What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

What do Space Giraffe, Tempest 2000 and Attack of the Mutant Camels have in common? Yes, that's right, on Good Game tonight we meet a bearded man and his llamas.

Here's Hex to tell you what's in tonight's episode:

What’s on Good Game this week? Wouldn’t you like to know...

* Coming off last week’s epic Final Fantasygasm, we find out how the latest instalment stacks up to its predecessors in Final Fantasy XIII.

* There’s plenty of top-hatted, pie-filled puzzle madness with The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom.

* Need something to pry that well-worn copy of COD4 from your fingers? Could Battlefield: Bad Company 2 be the game to help you do just that? Check out our review to find out...

PLUS – when you think of gaming, do you think of a psychedelic trip-fest combined with the glorious huggability of cuddly llamas? No...? Well, Jeff Minter does... which is why he created ‘Llamasoft’. We go backwards compatible to take an in-depth look into some of this eccentric game dev’s creations.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7:25pm.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service. STOP. Llamatime.


    Was anyone else pissed off at the way Bajo kept pronouncing WADS??
    GG has way too much cheese nowadays, it's almost painful to watch.

      Agreed. Way too cheesey. If there were any alternative, I'd be watching that.

      i don't think there's any correct way to say it... i say "WASD". even wikipedia says WASD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow_keys#WASD_keys

    Im glad that this is back.

    Good Game lost it's appeal to me some time ago. The first time I watched it in ages was to see their review of Mass Effect 2, and all I saw was a half hearted attempt by Bajo to talk about a game in a genre he clearly isn't into. I mean, How can you review a game when you haven't played it through completely?

    And I'm sorry, but what the hell was that article on Final Fantasy last week? It was sooooo generic, and it seemed like instead of actually researching the series, they simply copied info from Squarsoft fanboy websites. I mean seriously, they said that FFVIII was a "flop", and didn't make the money that they were expecting... FFVIII was a great game, and made a TON of money.

    Seriously guys, the show used to have so much potential... pick your game up.

    Rant... Finished.

      @Zen Marx
      I don't know what review you saw, but Bajo stated on the ABC forums that he finished Mass Effect 2 twice before reviewing it. Once with debug code and once with retail code.
      And the FF "article" was a segment called Backwards Compatible that the show has been running for about 4 years or something.
      I'm totally sick of this ragging on Good Game since Jung left, because it's been great so far this year and Hex has really settled in. I guess if those people stop watching the show, it's their loss. Colossus out.

    oh Good game, you're like that one guy in every highschool clique that always just says and agrees with what opinion the general group believes in just to fit in.

    Looking forward to the FFXIII review. "No towns? No towns! rah rah rah"

      I hear what you're saying, but equally, when you differ even slightly from the general opinion, narrow minded people are always ready to pounce on you.

      Like say how pretty much now games never get ranked out of the 6 to 9 out of 10 range... or *cough* my BC2 reader review...

    They liked Bad Company? Can't be all bad ^_^

    I have only started rewatching this show. And I'm sure this isn't new but does Hex have to pick up on Bajo's mannerisms in such a phoney way. It's sickening to watch her act as the somewhat twitchy, side-starring nerd her co-host naturaly is.

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