What's On Good Game Tonight?

This week, we bring you games from the weird to the wonderful.

* Did someone say WORLD OF WARCRAFT EXPANSION?? We’ve been exploring the Cataclysm beta and bring you our initial impressions.

* Following on that – while Bajo was in the US, the GG team had the thrilling opportunity to take a stroll through the hallowed halls of Blizzard Entertainment! Baj chats to the developers behind all the big Blizzard titles and uncover the origins of the games giant.

* Finally, just for something a little exotic, we review Muscle March for the Nintendo Wii. Honestly, I’m still at a loss for words when trying to describe just how bizarre this game is... :S

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Til next week, Hex


    Gee, it took 'em a while to review Muscle March. That came out AGES ago.

    This episode MAKES SENSE!


    Huh.. Bajo was telling me their SCII review would be on this weeks show.. Damn it :( oh well at least Cataclysm is on it tonight!!

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