Bargain Hunter: Please Give This Game A Hug

A Boy and His Blob is one of the year's best Wii games, and a contender for my personal top ten of the year across all platforms. Here's another good reason to buy it.

It's only $40 at Kmart today and tomorrow. Give it to yourself for Christmas. You'll hug yourself for it.


    People, buy this game.

    I bought it for my little brother for his birthdays last week, and we're loving it. Too bad there's only one save file, we have to keep using SD cards to swap save files. It's a bit tedious, but it's definitely worth it.


    I dismissed this game as shovelware, as I don't really pay attention to Wii reviews.

    But if it's actually a quality title on the Wii for that price, I'll definitely consider tackling the xmas crowds to get a copy.

      how old are you? A Boy and his Blob, shovelware? I mean really...

    Gorgeous game, only game I've played that has a button dedicated to hugging.

    For that price, you really can't go wrong, can you? I guess everyone needs a hug every now and again.

    I hugged myself yesterday when my LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition arrived :)

    I plan to, for something to do over the chirssy/new year break.

    I already bout it a two weeks ago. Unfortunately I paid about $14 more. However I don't really care because it is a lovely game. Sadly its more reminded me I don't get enough hugs :(

    one of my 'must get games' of this year, alas i won't be able to afford it this christmas, but it shall certainly be on my mid year buy up list

    Love it, it's great, can't get enough, BUT... it's just a little bit... easy...

    I've been looking at this and it looks interesting... odd concept but possibly entertaining.
    Too bad I don't have a Wii though...

    Kmart in ACT sold out of these. JB were the only ones that had any left - lucky they price matched with the Kmart catalogue.

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