Bargain Hunter: Modern Price Warfare

Bargain Hunter: Modern Price Warfare

Quick one this. In the new Kmart catalogue, they’re advertising Modern Warfare 2 for $79 across all three platforms. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it for.

Who’s seen it cheaper?


  • playasia is even cheaper than this i believe, i pre-ordered the pc version for 56dollars, i love this high aussie dollar!

  • GAME and EB Games will not be price matching on Midnight Launch.

    Why would they when no one else has stock able to sell at that time?

    They will match after 9AM on the 10/11/09, When competitors with a cheaper price are selling.

    • Good point!

      But yeah i’m getting from Kmart. Looks of things a midnight launch is out of the question for me.

      I haven’t pre-ordered yet, but i refuse to pay $110 from EB Games and refuse to even pay $89 if i can get it from Kmart for $79. Thats wicked pricing, hope they haven’t stuffed up and now have to deal with it!

      I’ll just be getting to Kmart at 9am when they open then! I mean whats so good about getting it from EB Games or Game or JB (besides the midnight launch) than getting it from Kmart of Big W? I mean – i don’t find THAT many people taking it back within 7 Days at EB Games.

      Besides, i get discount at Kmart so EVEN CHEAPER!!!!

  • Yup, saw this yesterday. Even BigW have the game advertised cheaper if your local shopping centre don’t have a Kmart.

    Okay, just rang Game about price matching. He was hesitant to match that price and just said ‘come in on the day and we will see what we can do’.

    I say just go to BigW or Kmart first if you haven’t pre ordered. If you have pre ordered, hit them up with the Kmart / Big W price (get a catalogue for extra proof) and then see if they will talk turkey.

  • EB will not price match during mid-night event. Also they will not price match if the Big W store you are referring doesn’t have the game in stock.

    cdwow takes ages to send their game…not recommended at all…unless you can wait.

      • Germans have a even lower violence version, and many countries around germany get it when buying from steam aswell. SO the us is your best bet.

    • 59.99 U.S. dollars = 66.397 Australian dollars

      Just buy it from USA steam or UK steam… No need to worry about that Gift it from someone garbage..

      Worked with L4D2 perfectly with me 🙂

      I emailed steam complaining about the price and they said “Yes” to allowing someone to purchase/play games from USA/UK steam…

  • that is regular edition. i preordered for mw2 hardened edition, will EB Games discount the price of hardened since the regular edition is cheaper in kmart? please give me some tips

  • Here’s a pro-tip for ya!

    Just rung my local EB Games, they’ve said they most likely won’t price match for a midnight launch, because technically no one else is open selling it cheaper.

    But you can come in later and they’ll refund you the difference.


  • i would advise against cdwow or play-asia if you want the game in a timely fashion… i made the mistake of pre-ordering uncharted 2 on ps3 from play-asia, thinking i’d be saving a heap of money. In the end, i only saved 3 dollars compared to big w’s price, and i had to wait 2 weeks after its release before it actually arrived.

    So yeah.. if you can wait the extra time, then online is almost always a cheaper option, but if you have to have it day one, you’re going to have to pay a bit extra in store.

  • Just for comparison, EB Games’ website has the game listed for…

    Collector’s Edition – $119.00

    Standard Edition – $118.00

    Good old EB Games.

    • The reason for the Hardened Edition being $119 and the standard being $118 is because anyone who pre-ordered the game got a free upgrade to the Hardened. Seeing as the Hardened has sold out in pre-order stage everyone will be getting it for that price.

      I know EB Games in particular has cracked down on price matching recently. So it is very unlikely they will price match on a midnight release.

  • EB Games St Ives will be matching this for me =).

    My friend is getting the prestige edition there too, $200! they might pull a deal though, they’re good blokes at that store.

  • If the MW2 launch is anything like the GTA IV launch, don’t expect to get a price match from EB or Game based on Kmart/BigW/Target.

    Case in point: Between those 3 retailers, they collectively had roughly 50 copies (if that) during the first couple of days (could’ve even been a week) and didn’t restock for a significant period of time. EB and Game know this and won’t budge on price unless you can prove beyond doubt that copies for your platform exist at the store.

    Bait and switch at its finest!

    • Do you even know what ‘Bait and Switch’ advertising is?

      If MW2 Std was advertised for $50 then you went to the store and they had sold out but could offer you the collectors edition for $119 instead.. that is bait and switch..

      All you have described is the EB price match policy.. if their local competitors don’t have the product in stock right at the time you want to purchase it why should they match it?.. I think you’ll find its pretty standard in most retailers policies not to do so..

      Price match policies are there to make sure retailers can secure your sale.. not to give you a bargaining tool for price negotiations..

      If you want the game at midnight then you cant get it from K-mart now can you? You’re not really in any position to be asking for a cheaper price regardless of what price point other retailers will be selling it at 9hrs later..

    • I dunno about that. I got GTA IV on day two for $79 by price matching with Big W. Probably just depends where you go.

  • With price matching, always remember that some stores will refuse to price match based on the fact that the stores enar them have sold out. Happened to me with EB not price matching JBHIFI for mario kart wii, because JB HI FI had sold out.

  • BAD NEWS!!!!! COD-MW2 was just recalled from ALL KMart stores. This is not a joke. From a store managers mouth.

    • PS this could be to protect the street date but I can’t confirm that much. I’ll guess we’ll find out soon.

  • Any reputable EB that values their customers would price match whether the other store had it in stock or’s good business and what keeps customers coming back. Not like their losing money anyway!

    Can’t stand seeing little kids and mums buying games and paying the $99-$120RRP. makes my blood boil, how can people be so ill informed?

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