Bargain Hunter: Get Five Months Free Xbox Live

No doubt there's a few Kotaku readers today looking to hook up a Gold subscription to Xbox Live in order to play some multiplayer Modern Warfare 2. Here's a cheap way to do it.

The helpful chaps at Ecogamer reminded us that often has cheap deals on Xbox Live subscription cards. And right now is no exception: they're knocking $34 off the price of a 12-month subscription. At just $45.95, that's the equivalent of five months free.

Xbox Live Gold - $45.95 [Ecogamer]


    Yep, did this yesterday. Went through their site, payed via PayPal and got the prepaid code about three hours later via email. No problems.

    Sweet deal! My gold runs out in two weeks too. Scorrrree have stock of the 12+1 Month gold subscriptions for an extra $4.

    13 months for $49.95

      Yeah but gamercard have sold me a code for 360 that was redeemed allready and they refused any compensation or refund so buyer beware...

        Scammer claimed a code didn’t work but when it was checked it was actually unredeemed! Afterwards he claimed code was used when obviously it was used by him!

    Thx for the tip off!

    Im sweet until the end of Jan, and my bro till march but I will just use mine to extend and give my bro the other code for xmas

    Thanks for this tip David, i've been stuck off of xbox live for a bit now and just never got around to picking up a new subscription and now I will, cyas on xbox live.

    Is it possible to buy this now and use it later?

    Cause my Gold runs out a week or so after Xmas. I usually get a 12 months every Xmas saves me buying it.

    Could i possibly buy it, get the code and use it at Xmas even though they're not the actual XBL cards you receive at EB or JB HiFi.


    Not bad, though has Aussie 12 month Live cards available for <$50 all the time. Check them out if/when this offer expires.

    paid through bank transfer 4 days ago and haven't recieved xbl code yet...

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