Bargain Hunter: This Wii Is Cheaper Than Kinect

Our friends at Ecogamer have spotted an "unreal price" on the Nintendo Wii console at Harvey Norman Chatswood Chase this week. They're selling the white console with packed-in Wii Sports for just $177 until this Sunday.

Wii bundle $177 [Ecogamer]


    Amazing how cheap old HN have been offing Wii's for recently.. you'd imagine they have some sort of epic backlog in their warehouse..

      I heard once that HN's are required to move stock, in fact they get penalised for having stock unsold, so there are instances where selling an item below cost is cheaper than the penalty head office applies.

      Don't ask me for a source it was some time ago, and the exact workings of the system are lost to me.

        wow - if that were true, that would seem like a very destructive business model.. then again it would also be a heck of a motivation...

          The vendor supply agreements I have come across with HN are some of the most draconian in the industry. HN usually have the ability to return the stock for full rebate at pretty much any time, and the vendor often has to wear the loss if stock is sold at reduced prices.

    My reckoning is that the White Wii + Wii Sports bundle is discontinued and we'll get a fancy new one (at the same price) with Wii Sports Resort and a motionplus.

    Plus that's happened everywhere else in the world.

    Problem with HN is that I never seem to be around one.

    Good price though. Might help get some more customers into Chatswood Chase as that shopping centre seems a bit redundant compared to the Westfield up the road.

    Paid $167 for a second-hand Wii just months ago. Feels bad man.

    Ecogamer also say that all Harvey Normans are required to price match each other. So what's good at Chatswood...

    Well, yeah, they have a white console pictured... but nowhere on the ad does it say that they're ONLY selling the white one at this price.

    I'm gonna call and ask. If they're selling the black one at the same price, I'll be getting it as soon as I can get my ass down there.

    It's now at the price it should've been more than 2 years ago.
    Yay for late-adopters.

    I just rang and they've sold out... I live a 10-minute walk away and was ready to go up and get one. Back to my mess of an NTSC-U Wii.=(

    So I just called my local store (Liverpool), and they WILL definitely match the price across all stores, but it that price is ONLY for the white console. :(

    Also, Liverpool was out of stock as well, so anyone looking to take advantage of this deal should do so ASAP!!

      try auburn they always have stock.

        Naw, I wanna get a black one - just thought I'd let everyone know what I found out. ;)

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