LunchTimeWaster: This'll Put You Off Your Lunch

sausage factory picNot sure this is really the best game to be playing while eating. Especially if your lunch consists of any kind of processed meat.

Not least because processed meat is horribly unhealthy. But mainly because Sausage Factory affords a glimpse of what might slip through into the cold meats section of your local deli. Feet, for example. Human feet. Yeeee-uck!

Tap the buttons to squash the coloured ingredients. Tap in time to the beat to earn bonus points. And squash two ingredients simultaneously to build your combo multiplier. Easy!

Now, go throw up...

Sausage Factory [Adultswim]


    Damn you! now I'm paranoid that I'm going to find toe nails in my food.

    Double damn, not allowed to listen to sound on my computer at work. Woulda helped with the "beat" timing. Sighzzzzzzz

    Greatt, love beat/music games, horrible at them, but still great fun :)

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