LunchTimeWaster: I Can't Get All The Bananas

So I'm playing this ever-changing 8-bit platformer called Monkey Kong. You have to guide your monkey to collect all the bananas. But I can't get this one.

How do I get this one?

Monkey Kong [ExciteMike]


    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start?

    David, try pressing across and up at the same time ;)

    Go underneath where the banana is (on the ground). Run to the left and jump and press right. He should do a backflip and get it.

    You have to do this run-up jump type thing, the monkeys tail goes up and you will hear a sound when you can do it

      I did not know about this "run-up jump type thing".

        Run in one direction, then turn to the other, and when he's doing the skidding thing, hit jump.
        I discovered it by accident on the same banana.

    is there an end to the game?

    The game repeats itself after about 15 puzzles.

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