LunchTimeWaster: Oh God, Make It Stop!

I don't hate you all, I swear. It's more that, if I'm forced to endure the crushing ordeal of a particularly inane game, then sure as hell I expect you to suffer as well.

Turn Based Battle is - surprise! - one long turn based battle. It takes the piss out of JRPGs and the familiar tropes of the genre's battle systems. It's funny yet desperately tedious at the same time. Worse, you kind of want to keep playing to find out where it leads.

If you do that, let me know what happens and put me out of my misery.

Turn Based Battle [Armor Games]



    Let's hope those at 2ch don't get wind of this ...

    You play through and he keeps transforming until he turns into his final form. After defeating his final form, it gives cheezy dialogue about how:
    (not word-for-word) "oh, who whould have know the greatest warrior ever would defeat me just as I left my fortress to nip down and get a pack of smokes"
    then from the 2nd hero to join the party: "didnt you know that smokes would be the death of you?"
    from out hero: "Or the greatest warrior ever would be the death of you?"

    They then go on to say that they don't need to go on their adventure now because they killed the end boss, you walk back into the house to play some flash games.

    If any of you like turn based battle, may i recommend "epic fantasy battle 2" on the same site. One of very few flash games i could be bothered playing more than once. I actually like, beat it on several difficulty modes! And I've got a REALLY short attention span!

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