LunchTimeWaster: Epic Battle Fantasy 3

If you, like me, became a perennial shut-in any time you picked up early JRPGs such as Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger, then you may just take a perverse nostalgic pleasure in playing through Epic Battle Fantasy 3, which does a decent job of parodying said JRPGs, whilst still being enjoyable to play in its own right.

Epic Battle Fantasy is a turn-based RPG with some decent dialogue. It looks great, mixing the usual clean flash aesthetic with the 16-bit Square-Enix art style you (probably) know and love. Also, the music is pretty awesome.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 [Kongregate]


    I remember those games, the back when square was full of innovation. Secret series, chrono trigger/cross and all the final fantasies with wacky magic systems (cough, 8 sucks).

      Not to sound like a FF fanboy (as i'm not i've only played a few), but seriously if you can honestly say that FF8 sucks then you need a good hard slap across the face.

        Bam! Take that luis! Yeah okay so I'm a Final Fantasy fangirl and FFVIII is one of my favouritest games ever. I admit it.

        And this game? Looks dangerous. Hope I don't forget to feed my kids while playing it.

          Three words:

          Robot Vacuum Cat

          Let it worry about feeding the kids!

    This isn't a lunchtime waster, it's a weekend waster. From start to finish (except the boss) on normal difficulty it took me about 10 hours to finish.

      I agree, I've been playing it off an on for a while now and still haven't finished it.

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