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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like what's your all-time favourite game level?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

What's your favourite game level? That one section or place that stands out to you as the pinnacle of video gaming?

Me? A few spring immediately to mind: Waterloo World and the Milkman Conspiracy from Psychonauts for being utterly unlike anything I'd ever seen in a game, and the perfect encapsulation of that game's most resonant themes; BioShock's Fort Frolic, if only thanks to the brilliance of its ringmaster, Sander Cohen; Portal's test chamber #19 and beyond, for reasons that ought to be obvious to anyone's who's played it; the New York hub area in Deus Ex which forms the base of numerous missions over the course of the game; and, oddly, Gelato Beach from Super Mario Sunshine - i just loved swimming around the coral.


    Gunstar Heroes - Genesis

    The level where you are in the tunnels. Was good then, is good now. Plus you could ride the roof or the ground. Im a bit nostalgic now, might have to go home and play it after work.

    Complex on Goldeneye 007 on the 64. Best Multiplayer level ever!

    For singleplayer it would have to be Gusty Garden Galaxy or Battlerock Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy, the theme, the music - so awesome.

      No way dude, Archives was killer. Spesh' w\ Golden Gun.

    The entire game of Donkey Kong Country 2 had outstanding levels, but the one that stands out the most I think is Rickety Race. Either that or Animal Antics.

    All time favourite game level is a toughie as it’s so hard to objectively compare them but I’ll list two that are dear to me.

    Battletoads (NES): The later obstacle course / race levels as even though they where practically impossible to complete and a lack of save points (those where the days) meant you refused to walk away I recall endless nights where my cousin and I would take turns trying to better it.

    Halo (Xbox): The final warthog playable sequence in the original ‘Combat Evolved’ was a brilliant climax to a then innovative and groundbreaking console based 1st person shooter.

      "Battletoads (NES): The later obstacle course / race levels as even though they where practically impossible to complete and a lack of save points (those where the days) meant you refused to walk away I recall endless nights where my cousin and I would take turns trying to better it."

      That was such a hard game, never ended up finishing it. :( Only go to about Level 8 at the very most... Those obstacle courses are murder, the Snake level was tough also.

    I know its a little mainstream and not all obscure but the sniper Mission from Call of Duty 4 is probably my all time fav.

      Ghillies in the Mist is pretty awsome. and i think we can agree that the ferris wheel was universially one of the hardest levels of all time to beat.

    Fire and Ice for the Amiga. Any of them really. First platformer I played to death and still plays extremely well today.

    Peach's Castle in Mario 64 - one the most awsome and memorable travel hubs of all time.

    The Golden saucer in final fantasy VII - practically the definintion of the sidetracked hero. the amount of time i sank in the battle area ALONE not including the arcades, rollercoaster and chocobo races. it was almost a game within a game. if playstation wants to make real use of the playstation home system, give us a golden saucer space.

    the final level of Halo - the game has thrown every combination of enemies at you up till this point. just sending you against multiple waves of foes would seem pointless by now. so they give you one of the best final levels they could have come up with, the race to the escape craft.

      Ha - I burned far too much time on the snowboarding area of that too... and the weights/squats stuff... :)

      Did you ever get past the 3rd fight in the VR fighting game? (the guy with the afro) I swear it’s like he knows what moves you’re going to do before you do them.

    Omaha Beach in Medal of Honor PC, think i repeated it like 15 times before I went on with the rest of the mission.

    The Darkness 360 has a couple of moments, firstly the part where you can spend time with Jackies girl watching TV (i swear that was a full movie in game) you sort of grew attached to her, never experienced anything like it before. Then secondly later on when she is killed in front of you and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it... No other game has filled me with such furious anger to the point where i didnt put the controller down until i killed that fat fuck for killing her... I really hope theres a sequel but until then I'll keep buying the comics...

    MGS3 the boss fight with “The end”, the first time I did that fight it took me 3 hours (and I still lost), but it was the most engaging and immersive boss fight I’ve ever experienced, The fact that you need to use just about all your wits and think outside the box when fighting him, the fact that the game takes all the music out of the game so you can listen to the environment, the fact that you can go about doing this fight in so many ways. But the best thing about it is that I can actually sit with a pair of binoculars on for 40 mins and still have my pulse racing because the slightest movement means I’ve found him. To me this is the best boss fight in the history of Video games, I’ve finished MG3 about 10 times but I still find that part thrilling. I’ve give Kojima credit, who would have thought rather than an action filled shootout, he would turn the best boss fight ever into a tranquil camo sniper shootout that can last hours.

      + 1.

      I also loved the Fury in MGS3. That flames looked fantastic.

      hehe, love the alternate way to defeat him... ;)

      It was that alternate way which makes Kojima so special... Kojima really had to thinking outside the conventions of gaming rules.

      Psycho Mantis - was my first introduction to that genius and can't be ignored. I had no idea about that boss when I started playing it and I can honestly say that once I worked it out, it blew my mind.

      MGS4 - The heavily scripted interactive cut scene... where you control Snake through a long 'heated' corridor. Multiple panels of watching whatelse is happening with a brilliant musical score also.

      +1 for The End. That was awesome.
      +1 for PsychoMantis.

      Another favourite is level 2 of metal slug X. The one with the zombies!

        Kojima was on fire boss wise with MGS3. I also loved The Sorrow's bizarre "fight".

    Vampire Rain - the whole game. I couldn't pick a specific level. It's all so fucking awesome

    The Level : 343 Guilty Spark from Halo : Combat Evolved.
    Why: That level took the beautiful colourful ring world that we had just discovered filled with beaches and lush green landscapes.Then flips it on its head leaving you with a dark alien like forest filled with whispering noises and a mist you fought through trying to find the other UNSC troops that landed earlier.
    Now when I first got to this level it was 2am in the morning. I thought I was playing a different game all of a sudden. I thought my mind had started playing tricks on me. This beautiful sci fi game where you killed purple blooded grunts with funny voices turn into a horror game with zombie like creatures that exploded and whipped you with their flaying arms introducing me "the Flood".
    My second reaction after I realised this was the same game : " What.. the... F...! This game is awesome!"

      Great suggestion. I even have fond memories of the Library...

        The Library was great but I think it took me 2 hours to finish that level because it was so easy to get lost. :(

    A couple of good ones:

    - The drugged scene in Max Payne was fun and creepy

    - Super Mario World (SNES) - Level where you first find the cape/feather

    - COD4 - Ghillies in the Mist

    - Doom 2 - Level 8 (maybe?) where you enter a room and there are 4 Mancubus shooting at you from columns. That was cool

    - The final sequence from Mass Effect was pretty Epic

    - The first Terran defense level in Starcraft

    Bear It - Crash Bandicoot 2

    Best music & gameplay from a level Ive ever had the experience to play.

    Got to love Naughty Dog's Crash Bandicoot games.

    Operation Bunkershot; Ace Combat 4.
    The music, the ground units (who are storming a beach) on the radio calling for air support, the rainy weather. I love it, although I wouldn't call it the pinnacle of gaming.

    The pinnacle of gaming my friends is....Chinese Restaurant; Timesplitters 1 - 3. (Obvious really)

    Floating down the river in Zeno Clash... not the most exciting level as such, but the eerie silence and the beautiful sky certainly made it memorable.
    (Hell, any of the Zeno Clash levels were spectacular in their own way)

    the final level of vampire the masquerade bloodlines i just felt so bad ass with my timeslowing power and deagle

    The bear-chasing-you level in Condemned 2 stands out in my mind. Damn that was a rush.

    Ravenholm - HalfLife 2. Gothic, dark, bloody, a mad priest and anorexic headcrabbed zombies on Speed. Scared the crap out of me and if Gordon Freeman actually said anything i'd imagine it would be a mix of profanities every time a screaming zombie flew at his face or a full blooded "GET SOME!!!!"

      Perfect Choice...
      Dude I LOVED that level. So Awesome!

    The first thing that popped into my head when I read the question was the level in Thief 3 I think where you are in an orphanage. That level had atmosphere in bucket loads.

    The Milkman Conspiracy, I had no idea what the hell was going on.

      The Milkman Conspiracy has to win for me. Never before has my brain enjoyed being screwy with physics and "can i do this?" attitude that that particular level.

      Oh hell, why stop there? The whole freaking game was an exercise in being able to describe an acid trip.

    Deus Ex - Agree that the New York was very well done but I actually loved Paris the best. Especially the Chateau ('Creepy' level where there isn't any enemies but you stil check every corner) and Cathedral.

    Mass Effect - From Virmie to the end was amazing and I couldn't put the 360 controller down.

    Opening level: The atmosphere, sound effects and lush colourful gfx were virtually unrivaled at the time. (I still remember the first time i looked up at the sky and went WOW!)

    The mech level in Killzone 2 Pure Awesome.

    Lvl 2 Duke Nukem 3d 2d stripperz!!!!!!!!!

    Stalker: Meeting the Psy monster thing

    Undying: Lvl1 still gives me nightmares!

    so many more

    Forest & Spirit Temple - Zelda: OoT

    The last level in Half Life 2: Episode 2 where you drive the car around fighting the onslaught of striders.

    Wolf: ET - Fueldump

    Silent Hill 2 - The Woodside Apartments. Memorable because it's the first time you ever encounter Pyramid Head. I remember being chilled to the bone. It was by far the scariest video gaming moment I've ever, and probably will ever, have.

    Heres another awesome one...

    The Carnival level from Blood. Full of awesomeness and pop culture references.

    Or perhaps Redneck Rampage. That whole game was full of yokel one liners. "Git off ma laynd!"

      So glad someone else knows Blood and Redneck Rampage. Blood in particular had some great level design.

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