What Are You Playing This Weekend?

How's this for frustrating? I have Mass Effect 2 right here with me. But I cannot play it.

For one, I'm still on my replay of the original I started last weekend. I had previously finished it twice, but both times were over two years ago. Those experiences are a bit hazy now.

So I do want to completely refresh the memory before starting the sequel.

But, even if I had finished my third playthrough, I still wouldn't be playing Mass Effect 2. The review code I have here only runs on a special "debug" console - it won't work on my normal 360 where my save game is stored.

So if I do play Mass Effect 2, it won't be with my Shepard.

Thing is, I don't know for how much longer I can resist...

What games are you failing to resist this weekend?


    Modnation Racers Beta on PS3 otherwise back to Army Of Two 40th Day or Borderlands on 360 :)

    btw @ Mass Effect 2.. just play it!!!!!

    WoW... Damn that game to heck with its endless gameplay!

    same thing as most weekends. LoL

    I might mix it up with finishing the first bioshock in preperation for Bioshock 2.

    tempted to revisit Brutal legend and i still need to start Darksiders though.

      For the uninitiated LoL = League of Legends.

      A ridiculously awesome MoBA game which Kotaku reviewed and has had me hooked since beta.


      signup there if you so desire

    I'm trying to get thru army of 2 40th day, finished dark void last nite was quite short but fun and yeah gonna finish off my playthru of mass effect ready for 2!

    I'll be hitting up some more of Darksiders and possibly play a bit of Borderlands Co-Op with a mate.

    Great weekend to stay inside with the A/C maxed! Its so bloody hot!

    When are yesterday's winners being announced?

    Have been watching a lot of Heavy rain videos to get myself psyched before it comes out. As for actually playing games, I decided to start a new game of infamous (being a good boy). I got about half way through the game, and just as I finished this uber hard mission with Cole escorting a bus to a hospital my game froze and I was set back like 2 hours of gameplay.

    copy the save over with a memory card?

      To be imported into ME2, the ME1 save must be on the storage device on which it was originally created. I am totally out of luck.

        How would it know the difference? Kind of a lame thing if it's going to bugger up the people who upgrade their hard drive after playing mass effect 1

        Wait, so because I've switched consoles since playing Mass Effect, I won't be able to import my character? Even though the save file is right fricking there on the new hard drive?

        That makes absolutely no sense.

        What about if you bring over a few ME profiles to a memory card and then you finish the last battle on the memory card, Im pretty sure every game autosaves in the final battle

    I know what you are talking about, I just completed ME1 again so I am happy with my story for ME2.

    Mass Effect.

    I want to reach level 60... and someone told me there's an apartment reward if you finish pinnacle station, so I've got to go through that too.

    Maybe some Darksiders if I get time.
    Thank God Tuesday's a public holiday.

    .....That is so awesome id just play it cause you know ur gonna play through the game like 2 or 3 times anyway

    i've got everything I want so im not resisting playing anything atm

    you say it's a special debug console, but couldn't you just whack your hard drive into the debug console?

      Unfortunately, no. Retail console hard drives don't work on debug consoles.

        well that's got to suck. just play it with out your old save. i'm not going to bother with my old save i want to start from scratch.

    going back to complete all the DLC for fallout 3, oorah! to GOTY edition

    Legend of Zelda 2: Adventures of Link
    Duke Nukem 3d

    Finishing off Bayonetta, then straight back in for a playthrough on hard!

    My copy of Bayonetta Climax Edition arrived so I'm playing that. Bayonetta is such a slurry in the game with a filthy mouth.

      kudos on the use of 'slurry', personally its one of my favorite words

    Gonna go through some Mirror's Edge time trials and hopefully pick up MW2 if I can be bothered.

    Still MW2 online. I'm ready for the map packs though...

    The original Deus Ex. Part of me wants to play some Mass Effect as well but chances are I won't. Happy with letting my 2 year old save file sit until the game is finally released.

    This weekend I'm getting into Afro Samurai, when I finish that I'll be finishing off Assassin's Creed (the first one). I also hired Race Pro so I'll be playing a bit of that, and I bought Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for 15 bucks so if I get time I'll squeeze some of that in too.

    Personally I'm failing to resist not resisting the original Mass Effect on my PC.

    ...I think that makes sense.

    Either way I just can't get myself into the mood for a SciFi RPG at the moment, even after having only yesterday seen the jaw droppingly good Avatar in my local cinema.

    So for the time being, I'm delighting myself with yet another play through of GTAIV, this time I went with the charcoal suit though. Very stylish.

      I spent most of last month playing GTAIV again... In a charcoal suit O_O

      Managed to get around to some ME though. Finished it, only to have it crash during the cut scene after killing whatshisface. (I do pay attention to the story, I'm just shit with names). So I have to finish it again. Yay. Lucky I'm pretty well advanced.

      This weekend I won't be playing much as I'll be working constantly. But on MY weekend, which is wed/thurs/fri, I'll be playing ME2 :)

    Possibly more frustrating than having Mass Effect 2 and not being able to play it is not having Mass Effect 2 and wanting to play it :P

    I told myself I wasn't going to play through Mass Effect 1 for the 4th time, but the allure of an Adept and mild insanity have led me to once again switch on my console.

    Oh man that sucks!

    I am playing Mass Effect for the first time. I don't know how I managed to put it off so long, especially since I loved KOTOR.

    Also playing Darksiders which is a LOT of fun, and my usual FIFA 10.

      Yeah I am playing ME for the first time as well, I got it for PC because it was only $5 on steam. Yay! Too bad it has audio issues, lol.

      I don't really like how it feels though. It's too much like playing every other game on the Unreal engine. Thats not to say I dislike it, just I prefer the 'proper' RPGness of KOTOR, Jade Empire and Dragon Age.

    I will be endlessly searching for green bar matches on mw2, and playing Red Faction, which i have just bought.

    for today at least, everything... in a house with no air-conditioning... it's rather humid and hot... and I do have faith in all my gaming consoles, just feel it's best to not run them on a day like today...

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