Black Nintendo Wii Lands March 11

More announcements from the Nintendo event in Melbourne, with news the Black Nintendo Wii will arrive in Australia March 11. Price? Good news...

Expect to pay exactly the same as the white Wii when the black Wii arrives in two weeks time.

UPDATE: The Black Wii includes a black Wii Remote and a black Nunchuk. And Wii Sports, of course. But that's not black.

Also, from tomorrow, Wii remotes will be available in black, pink, and blue.

Do you want one?


    seriously who buys wii's these day, I thought every man, woman and grandma had one already.

      Do you ever glance at the sales charts? Of course people are still buying them.

    Nah the dust is harder to see on the white ones.

    I'm sure lots of people would buy one because of the new colour! So glad they did that instead of adding HD, which I'm sure no one would want at all!


      glad you said sarcasm.. I was beginning to get worried about you.

        Yeah because adding HD is just as easy and costs just as much as adding a new colour.

        I'll let you decide whether or not this was a sarcasm riddled post.

          Considering the profit Nintendo make off that plastic piece of crap, well then they could afford to add HD at the price it is at now.

          I mean its all just plastic and a bit of wiring inside a Wii right? Couple of bucks to manufacture, shitload of profit they shove in their pockets.

          Maybe one day, Nintendo will realize what greatness they once had and decide to make a decent console that caters to consumers within the industry they are clearly confused at selling in.


    maybe people will buy one to avoid being called a racist?

    "Nuh-uh!! i have a black Wii!!"

    ..i got my wii on launch day... as nice as the black looks i don't see a need to swap...

    Ugh. No-one reading this site should care.

    It's kinda like when you're ex leaves and you find out they're much happier with their new partner. This case the new partner is the 'casual gamer'. I doubt we'll see Nintendo back in the real gaming world again. Why would they?

    Yep, far too late. They were speculating 2 years ago.


      2 Years to change white to black.

      maybe next decade they could make pink!

      Im gonna hold out and see :P

    If my Wii dies I will replace it with a black one, to tie in with everything else black in my entertainment system......

    THAT IS UNLESS Wii HD gets released by then or this current black Wii cannot be modded for my back catalogue of overseas GC games...(not pirate games!)

      Guess what... at the moment, I'd say it can't be made region-free in hardware, only in software or some very unique hardware which negates the need for the disc drive. I know that's been the case for a while.

    It looks pretty sexy and there are going to be some awesome launch deals for it.

    I think the new colour controllers look better though :D

    Sorry the rest of you arnt interested but....


    Ive been waiting for this. I absolutely hate the white. im getting black one day one!

      If you hate black then just paint your console black, done.

    Seems a bit pointless to have a black wii, would buy a will in the old nes or snes colour scheme in a second though

    I'm still disappointed that they never came out in the originally announced range of colours... I wanted red.

    Also, EB is selling them for $199 when you trade in a white Wii... if anyone does that deal they deserve to be ripped off.

    If you trade your white Wii at EB you can pick up a black one for $199.

    Not exactly the best deal ever, but for those looking to coordinate console colours (and I know there are people out there like that) it is an idea.

    Considering I posted asking when the Black Wii will be available, yes yes I do want one!, now for Super Mario Kart to be released :), Any ideas when that might happen anyone?

    england is getting motion plus and resort bundled in. are we?

    I thought you could by different cases for the Wii's already?

    Yay they brought out a new colour... thats all they could of added other colours, hd, different controllers or any thing... the ad on tv was sooooooo cool but thats all just a colour. come on you think they would bother to make more of a difference if there gonna bother making an ad about it

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