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This review was submitted by Daniel Wright. If you’ve played Darksiders, or just want to ask Daniel more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Darksiders (PS3)

Darksiders follows War, Horseman of the Apocalypse, on a journey to restore The Balance to the worlds of Men, Heaven and Hell after Heaven and Hell get into the fight early and destroy the world of Men. No one seems particularly bothered that The Balance is now missing a side, and this doesn’t stop War from charging headlong into, well, war with every higher or lower power around to punish those responsible.


Zelda, minus the whimsy: Darksiders plays much like the Zelda series, mixing combat, puzzles and adventure, with a bit of God of War and Portal thrown in, but in a much darker fashion and with very little light on the horizon.

The World after The World: A fantastic post-Apocalyptic New York really brings out a powerfully dark view of Earth after the End. At one point, I paused in a large grassed area surrounded by collapsed buildings and infested with zombies and remarked “Holy crap! This is Central Park!”


Zelda, minus the whimsy: As well as removing the lightheartedness of Zelda and replacing it with more evil and darkness than Ganon’s soul, Darksiders also removes most of the fun, and the lack of a clear goal makes this even worse, leaving you pottering around accomplishing meaningless goals and not knowing or caring why.

Wraiths: Incorporeal and invincible half the time, and whirling dervishes of pain who can rapidly take off whole healthbars the other half, these are by far the most annoying and dangerous enemies in the entire game. Including the bosses.

Thanks to a confusing and seemingly pointless goal (what's the point of the Horsemen after the Apocalypse has basically happened?) and a rather depressing atmosphere, Darksiders, despite borrowing the best concepts from other games, comes out as less than the sum of its parts.

Reviewed by: Daniel Wright

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    you love and hate zelda aspects kinda counteractive and i never felt like there was no clear goal in the dungeon in comparison to zelda there essentially the same with the dungeons

    yeah the Wraiths are a pain in the arse more so when theres a set of chests to open before you go into an aspect of the tower dungeon and then on the way back theres a mass fight and you dont have the bunch of health and fury chests they put there for that fight :(

      oh and the point of the horsemen rocking up after you defeat the bad guy is because the story

      clearly shows that he was being pushed into being a bad guy by a higher power and that the person/power needs to be punished by the horsemen for breaking the balance and dooming the third race (Us)


    I think you played a different game to me. My game explained what was happening and why. Meaningless goals ? Every aspect of what you do is explained beforehand. Perhaps you played the unfinished beta .....

    "Make sure it’s written in the same format as above and in under 500 words – yes, we’ve upped the word limit."

    500 words? Is that a typo?

    I haven't finished the game yet, but I don't see what's so confusing about the goals. It's pretty obvious to me. Maybe try paying attention?

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