Reader Review: League Of Legends

Reader Review: League Of Legends

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This review was submitted by Steven Bogos. If you’ve played League Of Legends, or just want to ask Steven more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

League of Legends (PC)

League of Legends is a game in the newly forged MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, from Riot Games, a company founded by two of the creators of the original DoTA allstars map, on which the entire MOBA genre is based. You play as a summoner, a powerful mage who summons a single champion to do battle in an arena against waves of minions and enemy champions.


N00b Friendly: One of DoTA’s biggest flaws is that a new player will have better luck discovering the secret of alchemy than figuring out how to play properly. Thankfully, LoL has plenty of features to help out newbies, such as a tutorial level to get you started, a matchmaking system that finds games based on skill, a recommended item option at the shop, and a death recap feature that tells you the who, what and why of your death.

Free To Play Done Right: LoL’s free-to-play supplemented with micro transactions model is the best I have seen in a game so far. A quick summary on how it works: -All accounts are free to create -Every week, a set of 10 Free Champions are available. They change every week to ensure variety, as well as letting players try out every champion -As you play games, you earn Influence Points. You get more IP if you win, but you still get some if you lose. Influence points can be used to permanently unlock champions -If you choose to, you can purchase ‘Riot Points’ for real money, which can also be used to unlock champions, at a much faster rate It really nails the delicate balance between allowing paying customers more content without unbalancing them in game.


Featureless: Many features included in rival MOBA’s such as Demigod, Heroes of Newerth and even the original DoTA are missing from LoL. These include: ranked matches, map variety (there is only one map at the moment) and random champion mode.

League of Legends is incredibly fun and addictive, and in my opinion, much better than any of its competitors currently on the market. The best part is I’ve been told that my only gripe with the game (lack of features) will be corrected with future content patches, something that League of Legends has regularly!

PS: If you want to try this game out, hit up my referral link to make a free account. And add ‘Istvan’ to your friends list!

Reviewed by: Steven Bogos

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  • Personally, I find that it lacks depth with the items (needs more activate on use items instead of just passive), and the characters feel a little one dimensional at times. I also prefer HoN graphics.

    Saying that, though, I prefer LoL. It’s much more friendlier – both the interface, and the community. After two years of DotA, it’s nice to not see as much bickering. And you know, the removal of denying. What was up with that?

    • ill get this out of the way, i prefer hon but dont condemn anyoen that likes LoL (unless they are my friends).

      Its a great game and its free, you cant get much better than that. It would be like complaining about battlefield heroes, you know you would if you had to pay…

      But seriously, its a good dota-clone, if a bit simplified. if you want tru e dota just play dota, or hon.

  • stupid referral link just go to
    dont help him get special gifts!

    For all people complaining, its not the full game yet, i think it should still be in beta, but yeah this is not the end game, they are still making more heroes and maps and adding more features such as VoIP

    • why do you only say things that hurt me nicholas 🙁

      VoIP in games is pretty much a non-issue these days, due to vent/teamspeak/mumble, but i am very impressed with the rate at which they add new heroes (since I’ve been playing, i’ve seen 3 with a 4th to come, and this is just in 3 months!)

      • Agreed. They’re pumping out new content at a pretty incredible rate without upsetting balancing issues.

        LoL is the first PC game I’ve spent money on in ages, and it’s one I didn’t even need to pay for 😛

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