What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?

What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?

What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?The new series of Good Game kicks off tonight. So let’s find out from series producer Syd exactly what Hex and Bajo have spent the past couple of months playing.

Belated New Years, Australia Day, and St. Valentine’s Day greetings to everyone.

Good Game is back! The explosive sixth season of the multi-award-winning series made by gamers, for gamers is back on the air tonight, and right out of the gate we’re confronting the big issues.

Starting with censorship! Michael Atkinson is now a household name among gamers, thanks to his staunch opposition to an R18+ rating for games in Australia. We travelled to remote Adelaide to talk to the man himself, and find out just why he’s so fighting mad.

We look at the other side of the story, too. Should adult gamers be able to buy R18+ games? It’s a complicated issue… or is it?

We also kick off the year with some blockbuster reviews. In BioShock 2, we return to the dystopian undersea world of Rapture. Only this time, there’s a twist – you play as one of the terrifying Big Daddies.

We also blast off into a new universe of titillating excitement in Mass Effect 2. This sci-fi, space faring sequel features streamlined combat, and more nookie than ever. Maybe Atkinson’s on to something?

You’ll also get to see what games we’ve been playing over the break, the incredible creations of Mr. Gamerccino, plus a few new surprises.

Good Game returns to ABC 2 at 8:30 on Monday February 15. You can download/stream any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame or from the ABC’s catch-up service iView.

Enjoy the show!


  • aaarrgh! Does anyone even care anymore now that this show is n00bified? This program has really dropped the ball and it shows.

    Bad Game.

  • yeah…. I miss Junglist too…. though he’ll be on byteside (the post above this one on the main page) and they’ll be talking about FPS’s so that’ll be more interesting than a year’s worth of this crap.

  • Seriously, is Good Game even news worthy anymore?

    Most of the fanbase has moved on now, to better things.

    This thread is useless without Jung!

    • Why?…. I’ll tell you why. They had a winning formula, Two hosts that worked so well together, Junglist who was the “real” gamer of the two, and a real sense of humour.

      What do we have now? Junglist sacked for no real reason than that he wanted to review games properly but it didn’t fit in with their schedule, Two n00bs whom I can’t trust a word from, trying hard for laughs and basically coming off crap and the ABC slinging shit at Jung to make themselves look like they were doing the right thing in the public eye…. which was later proven to be nothing but lies.

      Why the hate? Take the best show on telly and roger it to death and you wonder why the hate?

      • wait, so when Bajo was with Jung, he was a “winning formula”, and now suddenly he’s with someone else, he’s instantly a “n00b”?

        I think it’s totally unfair for people to write-off the combination of Baj and Hex when they’ve had 3 episodes together at the end of a season. Go back and find the older episodes of Good Game when Baj and Jung first got together. Here, I’ll save you the effort with the point I’m trying to make: they sucked. It took them a good season or two to get decent.

        I liked Jung, and I’ll miss him from the show, but I’m certainly not going to instantly dismiss a show because of one person who isn’t there. Hex isn’t some Erin McNaught/Cybershack situation – she’s proven so far that she’s got the passion and knowledge to keep up, and so far, I personally think they’ve done okay.

        But, you know, at the end of the day, ratings will win over, so if it’s cut mid-season, then I’ll be more than happy to come back and say “you were right”, but until, stfu.

  • “Should adult gamers be allowed to play adult rated games”? Does anyone else find this question as stupid as I do?
    On another thought, I think most people are over good game. They only ever review the mainstream games that have just come out. I know their target audience is gamers, but I’d rather find out about obscure games that are great. I already know Bioshock 2, all they’re really telling us is what we already know [/endrant]

    • I think “Should adult gamers be allowed to play adult rated games” was meant as a joke 😛
      I miss Jung but I’ll still watch it, it’s not the end of the world. I’m looking forward to GGSP on abc3 this weekend too.

    • I had never thought of that until reading your post and I have to agree. I would still want them to talk a bit about mainstream games, as I like to hear the opinions of those I respect on that topic, like say Junglist. But it would be nice if they brought some games that might otherwise be overlooked into the light.

  • David why do you keep posting about GG in the face of the critical comments that follow everytime?

    is it a script or just a filler for the site? we all know about it we all support Jung…

    just wondering your motovation?

    (pls don’t tell me your trying to pull hex!)


  • Here’s a cool idea: Everyone who no longer watches/likes/has any interest in Good Game quits their whinging every single bloody time the subject is raised and dedicates their valuable time to something else. Everyone else gets to watch and enjoy the show. Deal?

  • Right guys, fun’s over. I’m sick of reading the same negative comments over and over again on this post. It was tiresome last year, but I thought I’d give it one more chance this year.

    Nothing’s changed. It’s the same boring and pointless conversation. No one’s saying anything new here.

    But more than that, it’s offensive to Bajo and Hex. I find it deeply unpleasant reading through such comments (many of which are simply not published) that are nothing more than personal insults. Especially since I know both hosts and can vouch for their gaming knowledge and passion for their job, not to mention the equally talented team working behind the scenes at the show.

    So, here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to keep posting the episode preview because I believe Good Game, as a show about videogame culture on our national broadcaster, is enormously important. I may not personally think they get it right every time, but I’m glad I get that opportunity to disagree with them.

    And here’s what you’re going to do: you’re going to respond to this post in constructive fashion. Or you’re going to say nothing at all.

    • Haters hatin’ is never pretty, but don’t you think people are entitled to their opinion? I don’t know if this change has been vindicated in the ratings, but to deny it isn’t an insult to many fans is an insult in itself.

      How would people have felt if the ABC exec decided that there would be better ratings if Kerry O’Brian was unceremoniously dumped and replaced with Annabelle Crabbe? No offence to Ms Crabbe, just a random example and I think she’s quite good and perhaps could do Kerry’s job.

      But it’s clear that many tune in to see Kerry O’Brian and NOT the 7:30 report.

      • but Stinky, it’s not constructive – it’s the same tired old butt-hurt comments: “bring back Jung”, “ABC lied to us”, “Hex sucks” blah blah blah. Rinse. Repeat.

        People just need to accept the fact that Jung isn’t coming back, Hex is here to stay, and that’s just the way it is.

        Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

      • He didn’t say he really had a problem with the opinons themselves, just that they’re getting so repetitive and (by the sounds of it) abusive. And, like he said, most of them at little to the discussion, most of them no more enlightening than “hurrdurr hex r stupid lolol”.

      • “…but don’t you think people are entitled to their opinion?”

        Of course they are. However, repeating said opinion again and again and again (and again) is childish and a waste of everyone’s time.

      • They’re entitled to their opinion, but do they need to remind us of it every time? It’s been a while since the show switched hosts and it’d be nice to think that people could’ve gotten over it by now. Don’t like the show? Don’t watch it and don’t waste your time leaving negative comments about it.

        I’m not saying I want David to completely whitewash comments about Good Game – and I don’t think that’s what he intends to do – but in the interests of fostering the right kind of community, I think he’s making the right statement here.

    • Fair enough David you know and respect them being either friends or industry colleauges or both.

      still your posting a TV show plug to a readership of gamers who odds on are technically accomplished enough to read a tv guide.

      Keep plugging them by all means but its just an advert really.

      its stupid really but we’re reading a game blog we’re “hardcore gamers” if ya like TV simply does not provide the medium to deliver our bleedin edge news fast enough, we research our news online…

      Seriously we don’t need to be told about some tv show reviewing games post release date. More Grand Theft Auto made me rob then marry then pimp my sister news from america pls.

  • Just for the record I do appreciate these weekly reminders. I wouldn’t have even known the show had started again today if it wasn’t for this.

    • I like the reminders but personally I wish they were a little earlier in the day – I don’t always get to check Kotaku late in the day and most of the time seem to end up missing the reminder and forgetting the show’s on at all!

  • Hah! my thanks to Mr Wildgoose.. i skimmed through the first few threads/comments and was going “oh fer craps sake not this s**t again!” (excuse the french)

    I mean we’re all cut Jung is gone.. but its been more than 2 months people! Move on! That being said.. blast i missed out on half the ep coz i fergot it was back on.. which means I only saw half of the R18+ debate. Dead beaten horse I know but its interesting to see Atkinson’s responses (and besides those idiots who slipped the death threat under his door didn’t really help >.>;;) but it is rather interesting to see this new media vs old media debate..

    I remember a time when TV was the root of all evil because it was “worse” than literature because the pictures were moving and therefore more “engaging” to the audience as opposed to still pictures and words from novels. It’s the never ending cycle of new media VS old generation gap.. personally i’m waiting for the “new” media to pop out just so we can all rag on that one and say its worse than video games! xD (j/k… but we know it’ll happen anyway =P)

    Oh and I miss Rei T_T

  • I never found anything worng with Hex, shes new you just gotta let her get comfortable in her role
    Then she’ll be fine
    Jung i do admit i thoguht had the better review style, but he seems to be doing fine anyway so no harm done
    For the record, of course they reivew mainstream games, every review site, blog, videos ALL review them
    Why are you expecting them to do different

  • Is it really any suprise, David, that people are peed off? I love this site but everytime I see the “What’s on Good Game tonight” speil, tempers flare and not just mine. It’s kind of a slap in the face everytime. This was my favourite show.

    • No, I’m not surprised. But it doesn’t need to be said every single week. That’s precisely why I’ve edited out the rest of your comment because it was just flogging the same dead horse once more.

    • I agree with Hamish on this. It was my favorite show and I watched it every week, now each time I see it posted my temper flares and I get extremely angry about what happened. Then I feel sad and miss it. I don’t blame it being posted up, after all this site covers the news and keep us up to date about many things. It just opens up our wounds each time and that’s why the outbursts of haters. We like to forget that the show still continues and move on. But we can’t……. That’s all.

  • Of those that watched the Show do you think the Minge Montage from Bayonetta was necessary and would it make you purchase?

    • I wet my self with the minge montage 😀
      I played the game on the weekend and got a little tired of it.

      The minge would not have made me buy it or rent it. But it gave me a laugh.

      At least it gives those who have not played the game a little idea of what to expect from some points in the game. 😀

  • I’m just sick of hearing people equate Jung to everything that was good about the show. It wasn’t a one man show, never was. Jung was a face on the show and had his opinions, but the core team that make Good Game is the same – and the knowledge and passion for games is all still there behind the scenes. To suggest that Jung leaving the show changes any of that is just an insult to the team that work hard to make the show the best it can be.

    • In my opinion, the length of the show is the real issue here and a contributing factor to the “noob” criticisms levelled at Banjo & Hex. 30 mins (really 26 or so) is simply not enough time to adequately wrap up the weeks’ events in gaming. The hour long Xmas special was fantastic and just felt right. Hex seems like a really genuine gal too.

      I feel the best solution would be to make the reviews much more constructively critical, using the time otherwise spent repeating things we’ve already read online. I have a number of gripes with Mass Effect 2, for example, that almost every review I’ve read has skipped over (like face creation still being infuriating) yet I would still give it a solid 9/10. A thorough but appreciative critical eye is the greatest asset of a reviewer, yet something I rarely see amongst all the rampant apologetic fanboyism that accompanies new releases.

  • Can’t agree more about the whinging over the show; don’t like it then try your own hand at it. Knock up a video or audio podcast and see if anyone listens.

    I like the opportunity to watch a show about something I enjoy doing; its a rare thing to have people who actually know about games making a show about them.

    The show is always well researched when they are talking about any subject and its damn refreshing because of it.

    Please keep the posts up.

    PS. Can’t help but laugh over the comparison of Bikers and people who play video games by Mr Atkinson. The note under the door seems a little too extreme and a lot too opportunistic; threats against him or his family would be a police matter and I certainly never read anything from the police about an investigation. (If anyone has a link to news otherwise then I’d really like to know)

    • Sorry David I can’t disagree with you more.

      You might be sick of reading the negative comments, and equate it to flogging a dead horse but I suggest you look at this from a different angle. This isn’t the GG forum and has little chance of ABC management reading yet people are consistently railing against the show here and have obviously not gotten over it.

      Sure there is a lot of noise to signal regarding those unhappy with the show and its direction but if months after Jung’s dismissal this continues to be a hot button topic what does that tell you?

      If you don’t want to read negative comments about the show, the content and Jung’s replacement close the comments or stop doing ABC’s promotional work for them. Otherwise you are presenting a ridiculous double standard where you are asking for comment but only comment you believe is “positive”, and in turn affecting the credibility of this site.

      • Matt, I’m fine with negative comments. What I don’t want to see are the kind of personal insults and attacks that I have to read on this post every week. You guys don’t see most of them because they are deleted before they even appear on the site. In fact, for every negative comment I do approve here, there’s another two I don’t publish because they are utterly offensive.

        • we winge and complain because really there is nothing else to do about it. we feel like another show has sold out and not for the good of the viewers but to try to get more casual gamers to watch. they have forgotten their roots on this. but like i said there is no other way to voice our opinion.

          the other reason is they got rid of the talent. Jung was a natural in front of the camera and the only one since the show started… so i think everyone got a huge shock given he was there from the beginning and possibly the reason the viewers were there in the first place. he gave the show some sort of quality feel. look at aussie Tv, there really isn’t that much talent out there.

          • Then David you need to say stop the abusive statements, not state that you want people to stop being negative. This clarification is very important.

            Of course you shouldn’t have to wade through abusive posts, however I doubt requesting not to get such will help. The sort of people that get personal about such matters aren’t the kind that listen to reason.

  • I stopped watching these types of shows a while ago..roughly when there was that glut of late night puzzle shows. At that time there was a late night gamer show that was just silly. It put me right off them.

    I have never seen GG before. I have just watched the first epp for this year off their web site and I have to admit….I enjoyed it. Bland? Yes. A little forced? Maybe.

    But at least that do not treat all of the viewing audience like little kids. For arguments sake I will watch a few of the epps from the end of last year.

    But as it stands right now, I think the show is ok 🙂 Don’t flame me. I am not saying that “your” opinion is wrong. Nor am I saying that mine is right. I am just saying that the show was ok.

    • I have tried watching it since the replacement however I must say I don’t think it is a Stephanie issue for me, it is more a Wizard of Oz issue. Before I had the belief that hosts played and reviewed the games, and what I was watching was their honest opinions. The curtain has been lifted and we are paying attention to the main behind the screen.

      Instead through the saga we found out that this reviews are compiled by plenty of different people, and that this year these reviews are being submitted by freelance writers.

      Such dishonesty is the realm of commercial media. I expect more from my tax supported broadcaster.

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