What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

What's this? Sounds like Junglist has got something to shout about.

Big news in the Good Game camp this week, as last month revealed the show for gamers by gamers to be the #1 downloaded show in the ABC! Good Game narrowly topped favourites Media Watch and Triple J TV.


Here's what you can expect tonight on Good Game:

Fight Night Round 4 - Round 3 was great. Now you've got Tyson vs Ali, online play, and fantastic graphics. But is there enough new stuff to compete with UFC, and the upcoming MMA?

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - A prequel to the half-awesome, half terrible western which saw you kicking down doors and quickdrawing while quoting the Bible. Bound in Blood explores the past of Reverend Ray.

Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal - Ever get tired of slightly older gamers banging on about how good the old adventure games were? Now they're making new ones! This is the first in a series of 5 downloadable games from Telltale Games.

All that plus we speak to a number of bloggers about speed vs journalistic integrity, including John Keefer, founder of crispygamer.com - and we look at some of the most pointless cheats in the gaming world.

You can catch Good Game on Monday nights @ 8:30pm on ABC2, as well as late Friday nights on ABC1 just before rage.

Download any ep at www.abc.net.au/goodgame

Enjoy the show!


    Will watch for blogger debate on speed v journalistic integrity. Reviewed and finished Narwhal myself and the other games don't interest me.

    Probably just download it and watch on the way to work.

    Isn't Junglist the guy with his mouth closed?

      Ironic, ain't it.

    Good to hear they are getting some good ratings, its the only real gaming show on TV and usually it has some good points and stories. Must be hard atm with the lack of big titles around, im keen to see what you they think of Bound In Blood. Shouldn't Kotaku be included in the blogging story?

      Level 3 is a real gaming show, arguably the only real gaming show on AU free TV at the moment, unless you count cliche commercial drivel delivered by soul-less and uninteresting hosts as "real".

    I had some douches from Level 3 (on C31) send me some lecture mail a couple weeks back because I called it trash and unprofessial compared Good Game. Talk about irony.

      Douches? What wanker uses that Americanism?

        That wanker right there obviously.

        But hey, He seems to enjoy trashing people who make a show because they love games and want to talk about them....all for nothing.

        If Gerry there is a 'professional'.....I'll take unprofessional any day.

      Enjoy your corporate influenced review scores and uninteresting big budget tripe in that case.

      I'd think you'd enjoy Cybershack too, since I heard they do the same dealio.

    Right, that's enough Good Game vs Level 3 nonsense. Stop it.

    The Nintendo Channel gives me all the important gaming information I need. None of this Level Pee and Bad Game for me!

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