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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. And in certain tribal cultures, Thursday is the real Wednesday. Maybe. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

Of course, I shan't pretend to wield the same experience, gaming knowledge, or even raw sex appeal as that of the Gooseface Killah. But I do reckon I'd give him a right spanking in FIFA 10. So in the spirit of WWGD (What Would Goose Do), fire away with those burning questions.


    Okay, I have some trivia for you concerning my beloved PS3. 'Analysts' have recently said they expect the PS3 to outsell its rivals of this generation ( ) do you agree or disagree, and if so why? I think the next generation of consoles are going to be focused on being even cheaper, one of the reasons I think the Wii's done so well. We've already heard talk about the next Wii, any thoughts on that?

      @ Will and Ren

      It's a good point that the Wii has had trouble penetrating the adult space (see what I did there?). SEGA bore the brunt of that experiment with HOTD: Overkill and MadWorld. The PS3 is well future-proofed with HDMI and 1080p, but it's mainly games that sell consoles, not tech.

      I wouldn't say Nintendo are out of tricks up there sleeve quite yet, but it's gunna take more than another Mario/Zelda/Metroid remake (as much as I love them) and a bigger DS. For the time being, the Wii and DS have put so much distance between themselves and the PS3/360 there isn't even a comparison. But if there's ever a reason to buy a PS3, it's God of War 3, and I'm jonesing just as hard for The Last Guardian. Not to mention Gran Turismo 5, when that drops.

        I'm sickened and confused.

    With the DS XL's impending release, is it really feasible that a DS2 - even if it is ready with finished games by the end of the year - would see a release within 2010? I hate to ask this question as I know it's brought up purely by rumour, but since everyones speculating I may as well speculate too, and leave you the chance to share your speculations... (that's a nice word, speculate).

    Hey Jung, good to see your still kickin' around.

    Where's Wildgoose been the last few days, Kotaku has been quite slow to post news and approve comments, up until yesterday.

    Any idea when the FFXIII competition will be judged?

    Whats your take on the Move? Is it different enough from the Wii-mote to convert 'hardcore' gamers to motion gaming, or a cheeky effort to steal some of Nintendo's casual market share?

      The big guy is out until next week - he's got all your postcards though and will be sending out the gear as soon as he's back.

      Putting together the technology for a thing like Move is only half the battle - the rest is in figuring out how to utilise it. Nintendo's philosophy of taking an older, cheaper technology and using it in an innovative way is what won them this round (whether you think the Wii-mote was properly utilised or not). It'll be tough to utilise Move in a way that matters, but even if Sony are followers here, they're following a very successful leader. I just hope they make a lightsabre game - but then again, the lag worries me!

      It's the same with Natal. I would've skipped trying to make people believe they could actually converse with Milo, and went for something more suited to the device. A first-person adventure/puzzle game like Myst is what first came to mind.

    Have you guys thought about getting in contact with publishers like EA and Ubisoft regarding their rediculus DRM recently? Main thing is this "Always ONline" system they are trying to roll out? on SP games...

    As i noticed this recent survay u guys did mentioned some DRM related questions...

    They really need to know how much of the actual gaming community they are hurting with this DRM push...

      i was under the impression that none of the EA games that have the Always online are SP only games

      While ACII sure as hell is which is my major problem with it

        C&C 4 man.. i think its the first wave to hit out of EA's

    WHERE IS EARTHWORM JIM? is he coming back? i heard whispers on the wind of a movie and a new game a few years ago but nothing since.

    do you have any earthworm jim news on anything?

    Jung... Is Hex on your christmas card list? Yes or no?

    (serious question...)

    Any news on a new Hitman? I love that series.

      There's no beef - but I don't know the girl, so a card might be weird :P

      No Earthworm Jim or Hitman games on my radar unfortunately :(

    Heya Junglist. Will I ever be taken seriously if I keep growing my patchy beard?

      Beards, like glasses, make one seem less threatening. Unless you're a Viking. I know door-to-door salespeople who groom their beards and wear fake glasses just for that purpose.

      Personally? I hide weapons in mine.

        God bless those Vikings, I comfort them, tickle them and tell them "Noooo, you gotta be kidding! Of course those novelty hats dont make you look silly one bit. Not only that, they are a great place to hang your fancy row boat keys."

        *Continues growing patchy beard. Oh and thanks, I think my bower-bird instinct to keep my Avatar glasses has come in usefull after all :D

        Being a Pagan I can vouch for your Viking remark. I have a long beard like my forbears and working retail I intimidate people ona regular basis!

        Hail to the hammer!

      I've been a Unix guru for a long, long time and the beard is pretty much my resume.

    My question is:

    I've often wondered, as with most of the online savvy game community, if the bigger 'out of 10' review sites give opinions and reviews 'for hire'.

    I say this because I've often bought games based on those reviews, only to find it as though the reveiwer was playing a different game- and I know I'm not alone in this (I think my most famed example is NBA2K10). We also know of the infamous stories surrounding Activision's special treatment of the media with Modern Warfare 2, and the story of Ubisoft only supplying AC2 to media outlets in return for a good review guarantee.

    My questions are as a games journo, have you ever come across, or suspected this to be the case, in your industry? Having a better insight than all of us, do you think some of the larger media outlets accept payments or 'special treatment' from game companies for better review scores? And finally, are you aware of 'extraordinary' lengths companies have gone to secure positive reviews from the media?

    I want to start a new career in gaming, where do I start. I know Dave will say I've asked before and he's replied to several other related questions from different people but I couldnt find them as I trawl through Kotaku posts on my iPhone at work on site.

    Isn't it time to replace the Mass Effect image that accompanies this column with something a bit... I dunno, Mass Effect 2-ier?

      Dave mentioned the other week that if someone sends him a suitable screenshot he'll make the change, but he's not going to hunt one up himself.

      Jung: For someone who's not a programmer or an artist, what are the avenues to get employed in the games industry in Australia in some way (from coffee boy to marketing)? How do they recruit, who do you need to know, that kind of thing?

      Wildgoose answered that not so long ago and the answer was along the lines of...

      "If you can submit a image from ME2 that suits as much as the existing one, he will change it..."

    Another one.

    Being in the games industry, can you claim all games/consoles/accessories on tax?

      That's a big yes from me too :)

      I work in games retail and I sure as hel claim!

        I'm in the wrong industry :(

    Hiya Jung,

    Good to see ya lurking on Kotaku. Do you reakon that this is the year of the PS3? You know how I have been a bit more inclined towards the 360 but I feel like I am starting to turn towards the dark side of the force.

    Wand kinda seems cool and a great line of of games and there isnt really that much for the 360 that has me geed up.


    Good to see you somewhere out there in games commentary land. Do you have any regular spots writing/talking about games?


    Ando, disaffected GG person.

    I'm kinda asking everyone this...

    Anyone seen a cheap copy of Ghostbusters for 360?

    I was waiting on this game til it got a little cheaper cos I'm broke, but its still selling everywhere for $80+?? Thanks

    With the release of Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and now Perfect Dark do you think that rare are going to bring any of their other franchises to XBLA like Battletoads, Killer Instinct etc?

    Also do you think an XBLA port of Goldeneye is more likely now than a few years ago? and I heard a rumour that 4J studios is doing a port of Jet Force Gemini for XBLA, is there any truth to that?


    Just got an email from EBGames saying that they forgot to include a video code with GOW III. Whats up with that?

    Hey Junglist,

    Is Kotaku a new home for you? Will you still be writing for PC Powerplay?

    If I've missed this somewhere I appologise for being a lazy reader...

    Have you replaced Dave?

    What have you been up to since Good Game? (TELL US EVERYTHING!!)

    Do you know of any trade-in deals happening for HeartGold/SoulSilver? I'm clamouring to trade in some of the games I got from the Pile of Crap, and none of my friends want them.

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