Kotaku's Monster Hunter Tri Party Has Been Gathered

We've selected the five Kotaku readers who'll be attending the Monster Hunter Tri hands-on event in Sydney this week. Let's find out who they are.

To recap: Five Kotaku readers – plus five friends – will get the chance to attend Nintendo’s Monster Hunter Tri event in Sydney on the evening of Thursday March 11. You’ll get to go hands-on with the first Wii release of Capcom’s hugely successful action-RPG. And you’ll get to write about your experience for Kotaku.

Last week we asked you to tell us why you'd be the best for the job. The five readers we've picked are Stephen Reid, Al Christie, Misato, Will Higgins and Jesse Matheson.

Congratulations guys. I'll be in touch later this afternoon to provide you with the full details of the event.


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