Reader Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Reader Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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This review was submitted by Alex Walker. If you’ve played Bad Company 2, or just want to ask Alex more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC)

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Bad Company 2 shows that with a lot of time and effort, you too can produce less-than-impressive first-person shooters. So what stopped this from being one of the games of all year? A Bad Company, of course.


Snowmobiles Are For Pussies: While the campaign is strung together with another small-team-saves-world-from-terrorist plot, it’s bound by the wacky humour from the boys in the Bad Company. Not content with off-the-cuff dialogue mid-fight, Sarge and the team keep the game flowing with jokes, references to Predator and even a jab at Modern Warfare 2. If you’re sick of your games taking themselves too seriously, Bad Company 2 has you covered.

Variety: In the space of five minutes, you could fly a helicopter, switch to the gunners position, take out an M-COM station by collapsing the building upon itself, parachute out, shoot an enemy in the head while they drive a jeep and then leave a trail of dust – and roadkill – in your wake. It’s the best multiplayer experience you’ll have this year.

That Lush Green Grass: Graphically, this game is impressive. The landscapes are as detailed as they are vast, and being able to spot an enemy sniper from a good kilometre away has always been one of the main attractions of a Battlefield game. You can even see from one side of the map to the other on the lowest graphics settings, which is a bonus for gamers on ancient rigs.


Job Cuts: After playing Bad Company 2, you might think EA had cut their entire QA staff. There are so many bugs that the game feels unfinished. Why weren’t the EA servers working on launch? Why does the scoreboard still have MP_KILLS_DEATHS on it? For a publisher as large as EA, these things are just sloppy. But even those bugs don’t compare to the nightmare that is the…

Server Browser: If Satan wanted to take punishment on gamers, he couldn’t ask for anything better than this. There isn’t a single aspect of the browser that works as intended – honest.

The main browser window doesn’t properly refresh all the servers in the list. It’s faster to add servers to your favourites tab, but that only works some of the time. And even then the browser will only refresh part of the list. But the ultimate is just trying to play. Sometimes, it’ll say waiting for data – only to go back to the server browser. Other times, you’ll be signed out of the EA servers while you’re trying to join a server, forcing you to go back through the login process again.

Bad Company 2 is one of the most fun titles you’ll play all year. The campaign serves as a warm-up for the multi-player, which is great when the bugs and authentication problems don’t get in the way – and they will get in the way, which is a joke for $90.

Reviewed by: Alex Walker

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  • I’m relatively new to multiplayer (AKA getting killed before getting to fire a single shot)… so maybe I haven’t noticed it in the detail, I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the PS3 version (although I’ll take a better look tonight).

    Do you know if this these multiplayer issues are across all platforms or islolated to the PC flavour?

  • Couldn’t agree more. Out of the past 10 times trying to play online, I was only able to connect twice…

    I guess it’s there way to get people to finish the single player missions through. But what now??? Can’t even make a LAN game and bash some bots….

  • The online is BS at the moment. I agree it takes way too long to get into a game. Also personally, I’m sick of having to ‘sign in’ to the game every time I start it. I’m not enjoying it as much on PC. I might re-buy for 360. The BETA was heaps of fun for me on PS3. Too bad it all the unlocking goes to waste 😛

  • Nicely written 🙂 but woah, the 360 version is nowhere near as broken as people are making out the PC version to be. I don’t know if it’s the extra players or what, but that sounds bad…

  • To be fair, you’re opening comment
    “Bad Company 2 shows that with a lot of time and effort, you too can produce less-than-impressive first-person shooters.” seems to be directed at the server and multiplayer issues not the “first person shooter” itself.

    You praise it for it’s dialogue, graphics and gameplay, but condemn it for its broken multiplayer. Which is completely understandable, however I feel that the opening line is misleading and undeservedly harsh.

  • My only problems with BC2 were that you need to unlock your medkit, repairs etc. not just jump in and play your class and that they chose medics for LMG’s. These problems can be overcome by unlocks though, so overall its a wonderful online game all round.

  • 3 reader reviews for Bad company 2.
    I’m guessing we’re allowed to send in reader reviews for games that have already been reviewed?

  • Having played this game since last Friday on the PC, I’ve only had problems connecting to the EA servers once and that was when they were scheduled to be down the other night. Otherwise it’s been smooth sailing. The browser could be tweaked but overall it isn’t as bad as Borderlands was in terms of multiplayer functionality.

  • I thought he must have been on crack when he said it had good graphics… then I noticed this is the PC version…

    I got it on PS3, and the graphics are utterly horrible. Probably the ugliest game on Playstation in a while.

    • PS. online that is.

      The campaign is passable but I don’t know anyone who would bother with it… I got past the first level and haven’t been back for more.

      I still like the game though… good fun just bad graphics

  • It doesn’t matter how good a game is if technical issues out of your control prevent you from playing it. It’s amateurish and a joke, especially after a lot of people pre-paid for the game so they could gain access to the public beta.

    The day I purchased Bad Company 2, I couldn’t play multiplayer. For an entire day.

    I don’t care if they fix the issues one month down the track. Gamers – consumers – deserve better for their money. Other companies can get it right, and we shouldn’t reward DICE/EA by letting them off easy for such an appalling lack of standards on what is supposed to be their “final” product.

  • I’m not sure if it’s mentioned already, but for the server browser to work correctly and display ping and all, right click your shortcut, run as admin for all the Vista/7 users. Not so sure about XP, but try anyway.

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