WIN! Gillette Gamer Prize Pack

Those who play EA Sports games may have noticed every once in a while, there's a little section where they get to compete in a Gillette competition for prizes. They're kicking off another round to celebrate the launch of their Gillette Fusion Gamer razor, and you can register for the normal comp in-game. But Kotaku readers are being given a chance to win an extra prize pack.

And here it is!

If you can't quite see, that's FIFA 10 and Tiger Woods 10 amongst the wicked shaving business:

So how do you win?

Since the quality of razors these days is proportionate to their number of blades, my razor with only four blades has attracted countless neckbeard jokes, as even after a shave I still look like this guy:

We're interested to hear, in gaming terms, why five is better than four. The real life answer is evident from picture to the right, but think gaming.

For example, three is better than two because the triple-jump in Mario 64 gave you a wicked flip and a "Wahoooo". Two is better than one because no one can beat Smash TV without a friend (can they?).

Entries will be judged on how much funnier they are than my lame attempts above. Leave your entries in the comments below - we'll be posting this daily until next Wednesday when the comp will close. Good luck!

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    hmm... ok I'll give it a try.

    Uh, Resident Evil 5 is better than Resident Evil 4 because.... um....

    ...There is nothing better about 5 than 4! Oh God, I can't do this, forgive me Leon!

    I'm going to go off topic for a sec.
    Any idea when the FF contest winners will be drawn? David said this week but...yeah.

    This Generation there are 5 consoles (PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS), but last generation had only 4 (Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance). You tell me; why is having a new version of each console and a portable PlayStation worse than a series of console including the Gamecube?

    Five is better than Four, because my 5th Xbox will not break! (I hope)

    A five pointed invincibility star will beat four pointed normal block anytimes. In fact, the only thing a four pointed block is good for is as a container for the five pointed star!

    CoD 5 is better than CoD 4 because there just aren't enough video games set in world war 2!

      Please note sarcasm :)

    Five is better than Four when a group of friends get together for online Halo, because inevitably there is always one newbie in the group (who usually prefers racing games). He or she makes great headshot fodder in deathmatches, and doesn't impair the balance in team play. Can you say Respawn?

    Five times easier to scrape that neckbeard off, eh Jung...

      Hang on, has that thing got a battery? WTF?

    5 is better than 4 because 5 is the number of kills to get a chopper when a mate and I play radar-on Modern Warfare deathmatches. It's also the number of kills to make him rage quit sometimes.

    Five is better than four since five frags are better than four.

    But this means that 5 deaths is better than 4 deaths, which it certainly isn't!

    Oh the paradoxial horror!

    5 is better than 4, because $5 can feed cheap gamers with a Hungry Jacks stunner meal.

    5 times is better than 4. The 5th times i'll enter a Kotaku contest I'll win!

    After witnessing the shocking act of cannibalism where 7 8 9, the number 5 was the only digit to stand up to the moral horror that was displayed by 7. 4 to this day still denies that this atrocity ever even occured.

    5 is far superior to 4 because if you've managed to stay up until 5AM you're a champ, but if you only make it to 4AM, you'll just be tired the next day.

    I know why 5 is better than 4, it's because when you're playing Tiger Woods 2010 and your partner comes along and says "stop playing that game!" you don't say "just 4 more minutes!", no! You say "FIVE MINUTES!" because any more will just get you in trouble, and any less is not enough.

    5 fingers on each hand is better than 4 without a thumb. How can you be a real gamer without your thumb!

    In terms of wheels on a car, I have always had a deep hatred for 4 spoke rims, so 5 spokes are ALWAYS better than 4 spokes when it comes to rims.

    I challenge someone to show me a 4 spoke rim that looks average at best..........

    5 is better then 4 because COD WAW (5) has zombies whereas COD 4 DOES NOT. :D

    Wellll, 5 is better than four, isn't that right Tiger?? *wink wink*

    5 is better than 4 because 7,8,9 hahahaha. Oh. Wait a minute...

    4 stars in Vice City simply means a few cops and SWAT (pfft, cakewalk). 5 though means FBI and a whole lot more MP5-ravaging, car-ramming fun! :D

    I just had my Gillette shave and it's alll pretty smooth ( 4 razors allthough, so theres a bit of stubble, a 5 blade would be awesome ) I'm so onto this. Here is my entry:

    In first person shooters: 4 gamers make gaming pals, 5 gamers make a clan. Gaming pals are pwned by clans, therefore 5 is better than 4 - by the magnitude of the number of gaming pals pwned by clans throughout all gaming history.

    5 is better then 4 because 5 fingers are on a normal hand, can't play COD well with 4.

    Five games are better than four games. lol. Did I win?

    Because without any amount of doubt, Splintercell Conviction IS and WILL be better than Double Agent.

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