WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Xbox 360 And Ryo Figurine

WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Xbox 360 And Ryo Figurine

WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Xbox 360 And Ryo FigurineWe’ve got one more copy of Sonic and friends new kart racing game up for grabs. It’s on Xbox 360 and you’ve got all weekend to win.

Thanks to Sega we have SIX copies of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing up for grabs this week. That’s three on PlayStation 3 and three on Xbox 360. Plus, all six winners will also get this limited edition Ryo on a forklift figurine.

Yes, believe it or not, Ryo and his forklift are in the game.

To enter, we want you to mine your knowledge of Sega characters and tell us who would win a kart race between: Sonic, Dr Eggman, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Alex Kidd, Akira from Virtua Fighter, Ryo Hazuki and, because he’s a bonus character in the 360 version, we’ll add Banjo to the list as well.

Leave your entry in the comments by midnight Sunday (EDT) to be in the running to win the third and final copy on Xbox 360. Don’t forget to explain the reason behind your choice. The cleverest/funniest entry will win.

As usual, multiple entries are not allowed. The winner will be announced on Monday.

Oh, and the winner of Friday’s PS3 draw is Nic‘s ingenious mix of Sonic and Black Sabbath.

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  • Sonic managed to win the event, but would later have his victory stricken from the record books, after traces of the drug “SPEED” were later found in his urine.

    So Victory went to Dr. Eggman or A.K.A.( insert adverts for Dos Equis Beer: )

    The Most Menaical Man in the world.

    – Who once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels,
    – Can speak French,… Russian.
    – He is a lover not a fighter, BUT he’s also a fighter so don’t get any ideas.
    _ The police often question him, just, because, they find him interesting.
    – His beard alone, has experienced more of a lesser man’s entire body.
    – His blood, smells like colgne.

    Stay Victorious my friends.

  • Ryo Hazuki wins the race!

    Due to the cancellation of Shenmue Part 3, Ryo was forced to abandon his quest to avenge his dead father (yes, just like that) and take up competition racing. But it is hard racing against a super sonic hedgehog when you are but a lowly human (even with those elite forklift skillz), so Ryo draws on some newly found Yakuza friends to sabotage the speedy hedgehogs car by cutting the breakline, allowing Ryo to clinch victory (and incidentally resulting in 6 weeks in hospital and a nasty drinking habit for Sonic – if all the dodgy sequels weren’t enough to do that to him already).

    Ok, so it’s far from canon 😉

  • The winner is Banjo

    Due to a combination of the racing experience gained in Nuts and Bolts, a weird cart creation called the Engine Mobile (which is a car made almost entirely of engines – one of my favorite creations from nuts and bolts ;)) and the timely jettisoning of a particular bird in a backpack to reduce weight. Banjo creeps home by a nose from Sonic, who was actually just wearing fake cart hanging from his shoulders and running the whole time.

  • It was a black day for All Star racing today, as Dr. Eggman took down the Dobuita Grand Prix and claimed the Sega All Stars Cup in controversial circumstances.

    Hometown favourite Ryo Hazuki cried foul as he was denied a last second victory when a crazed, dreadlocked man charged from the crowd and executed a picture perfect Tornado Kick to Hazuki’s jaw as he chugged his way down the main straight. The assailant was not identified, but Dr Eggman was seen enjoying complimentary hotdogs at a nearby vendor following the race, and Hazuki was sure foul play was afoot.

    Eggman and Hazuki had the race all their own way after a variety of incidents and poor decisions cruelled the chances of the other competitors. Alex Kidd once again had to deal with steering issues caused by his oversized fists, but never had a shot after pulling up outside the You Arcade when challenged to a Janken match by a local youth. He won for the record with a high risk paper, paper strategy.

    Sonic was once again left to rue his decision to race on foot, as the slippery winter surface of the Dobuita roads played havoc with his grip, and he regularly ended up underwater in the docks section of the track, and for all his speed on land, the hedgehog is notoriously slow in water. Banjo was never in the hunt after his yet again retooled monstrosity of a vehicle began leaving nuts and bolts behind from the opening lap, and he remained as irrelevant as he has been since the championship began. He blamed excess engines for the failures, and the nonsensical addition of wings to his land locked vehicle.

    Akira was a solid contender for much of the race, but was also attacked on the docks end of the course by a bald man with seemingly inhuman agility. He was in a controlled slide at the always challenging Suzuki Hairpin when the skinhead leapt from a nearby building onto his back, taking Akira on an unfortunate detour into a nearby warehouse where he was promptly lost in a maze of crates. Some believe this was a case of mistaken identity, and the attacker was looking for Hazuki. He wouldn’t be the first person to mistake the two, although Hazuki’s trademark forklift generally gives him away.

    Ulala was again a non starter, but was seen on the Channel Five news later in the day broadcasting from the Morolian home planet where tensions are building as rogue reporters Pudding and Jaguar fight for power in the vacuum left by the unfortunate death of Michael Jackson.

    Eggmans was thrilled to take his first All Stars title, but his acceptance speech was interrupted when Sonic emerged from the Eggman pits juggling six multicoloured emeralds, and the rogue hedgehog was last seen heading for the Green Hills, Eggman close on his tail.

  • sonic – on the condition he uses a Flinstones car.
    ryo comes in dead last – too busy asking bystanders about sailors.

    figurine pleeease >< !!

  • Sonic was going to be the person who won because,when he went into the air there were 2 rockets coming at him and he just jumped into the air and and the rockets and back in his car and put his nitrous on and went past everybody and won the race.Please give me this game because I haven`t got to play my game in 2 months and i`m trying to save my money but,all i have is 11 dollars and just when i saw that game i said i`m gonna save money until i have enough money but my give us me and my sister 20 dollars on friday but, sometimes he can`t give us money.I`m only 11 yrs old and evry good game i see i say i want that game for christmas. I can only get games that lower than 19 dollars but with my dad he can`t really get us anything.U don`t have yo give it to me but, please give this to me.If u do give this game to me I have ps3 but, I already know your not going to give it to me because i never won anything.I live in Dunham,I don`t know what house # i live in but if see a red ford Focus That`s were i live,if u don`t u might see a small white car.

  • Alex Kidd wins by Janken playoff after a 6 way dead-heat finish. He asks for a hamburger/dumpling in lieu of a trophy.

    Kidd later tests positive to Telepathy Ball and has his Peticopter licence suspended for 6 mths. The scandal delays his induction into the Sega Hall of Fame, and all his previous wins are marked with an asterisk. He is then part of a class action suit against Goku of Dragonball fame, led by Monkey Magic. The suit claims theft of identity and willful fraud, as well as loss of earnings due to this.

    PS Kidd is reportedly in negotiations to appear on Dancing with the (Sega All)Stars and Surreal Life: Gamer Edition.

  • The Hedgehog once known as Sonic,
    One day drank too much speed tonic,
    He turned to a Werehog clown,
    Which slowed his quick ass down,
    Losing this race, how ironic!

    Banjo is a humble young bear,
    Who’s cars take some wear and tear,
    But with him comes an awful bird,
    Over the whole racecourse be heard,
    Kazooie makes a race win too rare!

    The Kidd named Alex seemed a decent bet,
    Gone, not forgotten, Sega’s little jet,
    But childstar grown up, never quite works out,
    Addicted to hard drugs, battled the gout,
    And poor little Alex has a lifetime of debt.

    Its painful at times to watch these two,
    Akira and Ryo just dont know what to do,
    One’s hair is too tall to win any race,
    The other spends to much time on his face,
    It’s only the losses that these guys acrue.

    The Eggman, or Dr as he often prefers,
    has skills that in racing strangely tranfers,
    Big goofy feet and an unkept hairdo,
    Racing in a race seems all natural too,
    But he manages 2nd as the winner blurs!

    She dances her way across the track,
    Ulala needs not a speed boost hack,
    The death of Space Michael drives her,
    The speed of car needs no chauffeur,
    Crossing the line with her foes to her back!

    Ulala wins the race, fair as she can,
    But Dr Robotnik has a whole other plan,
    He blows them all up, not making amends,
    The real winner is Sega and all of their friends!

  • That one is a no-brainer – Alex Kidd.

    They are all roughly the same speed (Sonic on foot, Alex Kidd on the motorbike, Dr Eggman on round UFO thingy), so that one could go either way.

    They all hit hard (Sonic with his jumping, Alex Kidd with his super punch of justice, Akira because he fights for a living), so that one could go any way as well.

    But when they get to the final event – Rock, Paper, Scissors – which character do you want in your corner?

  • Ryo says that Sonic won and that Ulala came 4th.
    Sonic thinks that Eggman won and says that Ryo came last.
    Alex Kidd says that Ryo did not make the top 3, and Sonic did not win.
    Eggman says that he came first, Sonic came last and that Akira came the place before Ulala.
    Ulala thinks that Sonic came first and says Ryo came after Alex Kidd.
    Akira says Alex Kidd was the winner with himself coming last.

    not everyone is telling the truth, and some are only telling half of it.

    Ryo says that Sonic won and that Ulala came 4th.
    -we say ryo is right, and place Sonic as 1st and Ulala as 4th.
    Sonic thinks that Eggman won and says that Ryo came last.
    -sonic thinks eggman won but did not say it, but said ryo came last. so we have sonic/eggman 1st, ulala 4th and ryo 6th.
    Alex Kidd says that Ryo did not make the top 3, and thinks Sonic did not win.
    -alex thinks sonic did not win and this does not contradict ryo coming last. Sonic/Eggman 1st, Ulala 4th, Ryo 6th.
    Eggman says that he came first, Sonic came last and that Akira came the place before Ulala.
    -if sonic did come last than ryo must have come 5th, but this contradicts what ulala says about him coming after alex kidd, as ulala already has 4th (we assume)
    -akira in 3rd?
    Ulala thinks that Sonic came first and says Ryo came after Alex Kidd.
    -confirm sonic as first, put alex kidd as 5th and confirm ryo as 6th
    Akira says Alex Kidd was the winner with himself coming last.
    -akira is wrong.

    1st. Sonic
    2nd. Eggman
    3rd. Akira
    4th. Ulala
    5th. Alex Kidd
    6th. Ryo

  • For: The estate of “Sega” and its “All Star Racing” subsidiary

    To whom it may concern,

    It has come to my attention, and subsequently the attention of my many clients as well as the local justice department, that your scheduled tournament lists numerous celebrity entrants that need to be addressed.

    I regret to inform you that these competitors either have or will be urged to abstain from the upcoming events for various legal reasons in the coming weeks.

    Apologies for the inevitable inconveniences this may cause in your line-up. Following is case by case documentation on the issues that need addressing:

    [A summons for Mr. HAZUKI, RYO]

    Mr. Ryo Hazuki is to receive a summons to appear in court in the role of witness during an upcoming trial (The people versus Shenmue 3). He is required to give testimony on the matter of his ill fated franchise in a case seeking compensation for various forms of emotional damage amongst an ardent community of fans. Many will be pleading “act of cruelty” in this case.

    Note: The possible existence of a Shenmue MMO project is largely being ignored in this case, I assume due to lack of interest.

    Defendants under scrutiny in this case include Mr. Yu Suzuki and the Sega development subsidiaries he has been a part of (namely AM2 and the more recent AM Plus, who you yourselves should already be aware of), as well as Microsoft who have also been involved in this project to a degree.

    To help curb any hesitation on Ryo’s part, it may help to inform him that Lan Di will also be appearing to testify. In light of this fact I will also be requesting an additional increase to court security, for both of their sakes.

    [A cease and desist regarding Mr. BANJO]

    Due to a long standing investigation into his infamous immigration scandal, it is strongly advised that Mr. Banjo halt any and all activities regarding vehicular sporting events.

    The suspicion surrounding Mr. Banjo’s costly border crossing has been well documented for years with many conspiracy theorists citing an alleged illegal gambling ring running under the tables at the now legendary “Diddy Kong Racing” championship back in N64 county.

    Despite the fact that everyone already had their suspicious of the tournament being rigged in the “Kong” family’s favour, few involved with the event would have suspected a strictly invitational guest racer such as Mr. Banjo to be the ringer of such a profitable betting scheme. (Although his appearance at the event was always considered somewhat of a mystery)

    Nevertheless, his sudden and surprising wealth allowed him to “jump ship”, as they say, and effect a rather convenient relocation away from the potential trouble that would follow. Since then, even with the chance at a fresh start planted firmly in his paws, he chose to further pursue questionable vehicular dealings with the help of some long standing accomplices.

    Unfortunately, while his chop shop operation has since been shut down with charges laid against one Mumbo Jumbo (caught red handed operating the racket), Mr. Banjo has once again evaded punishment due to lack of evidence and an unwillingness from Mr. Jumbo to testify against him.

    We believe his appearance at yet another racing/vehicle focused event could spell bad news for your organisation and we expect your cooperation in this matter. Should you help expedite our apprehension of him (red handed if possible) we believe we can secure an effective testimony from his Red-Crested Breegull accomplice on the grounds of a history of abuse between them.

    [Mr. KIDD, ALEX wanted for questioning]

    While you yourselves seem to have overlooked the fact in your competition rostering, the long standing missing persons case open on Mr. Alex Kidd cannot be ignored by the state department.

    While no formal charges have been laid against anyone, it is strongly advised that Mr. Kidd report immediately to the nearest precinct for questioning over his disappearance.

    The Radaxian Royal Family have been relieved to hear of his resurfacing since he was first noticed at a local tennis championship (hosted by yourselves no less). However, they still demand answers and are determined to have the culprit or cause of this incident investigated to its exhaustion.

    Note: I will be using testimony from Mr. Kidd to conduct my own investigation into some of your company’s practices vis-à-vis the matter of underage competitors being given access to motor vehicle use.

    [Arrest warrant for Mr. YUKI, AKIRA]

    As of his participation in the previous “World Fighting Tournament”, an arrest warrant has formally been issued for Mr. Yuki. It is not unknown for participants who are defeated to require some medical care but after significant hospitalisation one of Mr. Yuki’s last opponents, one “Kage-Maru”, has past away from his injuries.

    Normally any laws regarding assault and violence in general are not applicable in a voluntary combat tournament, but in this case (following council from respected doctors) it is believed forbidden, “lethal” techniques were employed (skilfully concealed within Mr. Yuki’s Bājíquán style).

    Further damning is Mr. Yuki’s possible motive. It is well known he has faced a history of embarrassing defeats at the hands of Kage-Maru. This is also coupled with a psych profile that paints him as a driven man, obsessed with succeeding at his art and proving his worth to his grandfather (a true master). It is believed he could not stomach another defeat at the hands of his most capable opponent and crossed the line into premeditated murder.

    As he is well known as a Hakkyoku-Ken master, authorities have yet to approach him directly. It is strongly advised that Mr. Yuki turn himself in at the nearest opportunity to avoid any possible altercations (put plainly, Mr. Yuki’s hot blooded temperament may get him into trouble should he feel threatened).

    [The committal of Miss ULALA (last name unknown)]

    Note: Please keep the contents of this next section strictly confidential until further notice.

    We have been issued with an order to have Miss Ulala committed within 24 hours. We request your assistance in arranging a safe and secluded pickup, preferably a private area whose location will be on a need to know basis. Obviously the nature of this “meeting” should remain off record.

    If you need clarification, the follow is “FYI”:

    The popular reporter is practically trademarked by her love of dance and a natural sense of rhythm that makes it appear as if she hears music wherever she goes. Unfortunately it has been discovered that she does, in fact, hear music wherever she goes (amongst other things) and has been diagnosed with more than just a case of a “need for attention”.

    In addition, she has received numerous complaints from confused individuals who claim she is convinced of her interaction with an alien species that she identifies as “Morolians”. She is also on record for going as far as to believe she is in contact with what she believes is some kind of “space” equivalent of Michael Jackson.

    Of course this means she will need to be detained and prevented from participating in your race until it is deemed that she possesses the state of mind to operate any form of machinery what so ever.

    [The investigation of Dr. EGGMAN (known alias)]

    An investigation into the so called “Dr. Eggman” is nearing its end and if things go as expected we don’t believe his participation will be possible.

    Already notorious for his brushes with law and order of all kinds for over a decade, the enigma that is the true identity of “Dr. Eggman” may be the puzzle that puts him away for good.

    Authorities have long suspected that despite a slimmer physique, “Dr. Eggman” is none other than the long thought dead “Dr. Ivo Robotnik”. They are identical individuals in almost every other aspect, from his Modus operandi; general appearance; fashion; the technology he employs; perceived friends/enemies; and motivations.

    Furthermore “Dr. Ivo Robotnik” was already believe to be a pseudonym itself, often linked to the disappearance of one Dr. Ovi Kintobor who was once a respected member of the community prior to going missing. While this silences doubts as to the questionable nature of his doctorate, it also opens up a window into many years of alleged criminal activity that he will no longer be able to avoid.

    [In regards to the fate of Mr. THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC]

    You may already be aware of the rumours regarding unpaid speeding fines that have recently been tainting Mr. The Hedeghog’s reputation. Upon further investigation it has been confirmed that these are nothing more than salacious gossip and tabloid mudslinging. It has come to light that although the recorded speeds that thrust Mr. The Hedeghog’s activities into the spotlight were not actually fabricated, the fact that he was on foot at the time renders him un-chargeable within “vehicular” speeding laws.

    Furthermore, despite cries for justice from a number of my clients, the unfortunate quality of Mr. The Hedeghog’s recent body of work, however distasteful, does not warrant any particular legal attention and thus confirms him as possibly the only available competitor in your upcoming event.

    I apologise if this renders your entire event redundant as I believe in cases such as these the remaining participant is usually presented the “First Place” title and all relevant rewards by default and without the need for any actual competition to take place.


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and understanding in these matters, as well as to warn you of one final matter that may in fact render your potential problems brought on by these hindrances a non-issue.

    Our offices are currently in the drafting stage of a possible class action lawsuit against you by the “Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix Association” on the grounds of Copyright Infringement.

    You may be aware of their success in similar cases that deal with the plagiarism of their material (case citation: The people of the Mushroom Kingdom versus The Muppets RaceMania; The Estate of Mario Bros. versus Crash Team Racing; Crash Nitro Kart versus common decency).

    You have also been warned of impending legal action in the past with your admittedly more low key efforts in the form of the “Sonic Drift” tournaments, which you regrettably ignored at the time by hosting a second tournament (the ill fated “Sonic Drift 2” endeavour). Guaranteed, these breaches of trust will be taken into consideration during the upcoming hearing.

    We may also consider presenting our own examples of misconduct on the part of your corporation in its arrangement of this tournament that we find personal shocking. Particularly the discovery that all of your competitors are in fact without licence, and further damning is that your institute has seen fit to offer their own “brand” of licence as incentive for success in many of your “events”.

    Expect to hear from us again soon.

    Yours sincerely,

    The Office of Wright & Fey (Ace Attorneys)

  • Awesome!.. Thanks for the prize! Rock n Roll Racing was one of many favorite games I enjoyed playing on the SNES way back when… Great soundtrack, great gameplay and great commentary!

    Good luck to everyone for the final prize!

  • The winner on the day would be the spirit of competition and camaraderie (and, apparently, alliterative whimsy).

  • A race – as narated by Kenny Loggins

    Revvin’ up your engine
    Listen to her howlin’ roar
    Metal under tension
    Beggin’ you to touch and go

    Highway to the Casino Zone
    Ride into the Casino Zone

    Sonic’s gettin’ closer
    Eggman has third gear pinned
    Alex got you jumpin’
    While Ulala is aimin to win

    Highway to the Casino Zone
    I’ll take you
    Right into the Casino Zone

    You’ll never see ryo
    Until you get it on the red line overload
    you’ll never catch banjo
    Until you get it up as high as you can go

    now he’s pushin harder
    oops the goes the eggman
    spinning off the track
    you know he’s a deadman

    Highway to the Casino Zone
    we knew sonic would
    win in the Casino Zone


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