Demon's Souls Gets Long-Awaited Aussie Release Date

Rejoice, role-playing fans! We've heard that Demon's Souls, the hard-as-nails action-RPG by From Software, will be making its way to Australia in just a couple of months.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive, named as one of Kotaku's Game of the Year finalists and my own personal pick for third best game of 2009, was previously only released in Japan and North America.

In the wake of yesterday's news that Demon's Souls had been rated by the German classification board, we hear that Namco Bandai will be releasing the game throughout PAL territories in late June.

And in Australia and New Zealand that date is June 25.

There'll be a special edition involved, too, and we'll have the details on that as soon as can.


    Sweet! The day before my birthday. Definitely a potential birthday present.

    Bleh too bad I imported my american region collector's edition ages ago...

    This game has been in english for a long ass time. If you didn't pick up the US version, you could of gotten the Asian version which is all in english anyway. Only difference is the manual and box is in chinese.

    Bloody awesome game and hard as hell. Prepare to have your ass handed to you.

    Sweet, I missed the boat importing this (pardon the pun) as I didn't have a PS3 at the time so would like to pick this up locally. I figure you get the most out of its unique multiplayer features if scores of gamers are playing in at or around the same time you are.

    Puzzles me why it is over two months away though I guess it gives me time to knock off a few titles on my shame pile.

    After reading about it here... decided to go get it from PlayAsia.

    good thing I imported my copy about a billion years ago at the time of the big bang.

    Why did we have to wait so long to get it?

      Upon release in Japan it was perceived as an inaccessible title with limited appeal. Atlus was brave enough to pick it up for a North American release, but initially only in small numbers. It would have been too much of a risk for them to also release it in Europe and Australia.

      But it proved an unexpected hit in the US, eventually selling several hundred thousand copies - far above what Atlus had predicted. Indeed, the game was out of stock for a while as Atlus waited for more copies to be manufactured.

      After that success, several publishers were now interested in releasing it elsewhere, although I'm sure they all had concerns over how many people in Europe and Australia had already imported a copy. Namco Bandai have stepped up though, so full credit to them.

        I wonder what proportion of those sales were people importing it to other regions, thus inflating US sales figures and diminishing potential sales in target regions?

        Took them a while, and they did indeed take a risk.
        I will definitely support them and will be picking up the Special 'Phantom' Edition (forgot what exactly it was called) in June.
        THANK YOU Namco

        This would have to be one of my favorite games of all time. I imported mine from the US and have created several different characters all above level 90.

        I will definitely still buy an Australian edition and start over again. I honestly don't mind because it would be great playing this game lag free.

        Beware of the black phantom Sent2Strike grrrahh!

    Yup bought the English language Asian copy already mad game... frustratingly addictive game

    Yeah still contemplating whether or not to pick it up, looks like my type of game, but I'm not a fan of overly hard games.

    I do rather enjoy it when a distributor here jumps on the bandwagon, no matter how late.. only thing i want to know now is "what does the col ed involve?"

    oh.. and..."will i ever buy a PS3 cause there are so many cool games i need to play that i can't get on my 360"

    did someone shut the gate after the horse bolted?

    I didn't even realize this game wasn't released here yet ... I got it months ago.

    I have to wonder why anyone reading this site is still buying games locally at the exorbitant prices they charge us here?

    Anyway, I just pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption from Zavvi for $AUD 61 :)

    Had the Deluxe Edition for months now but I'll be picking up the Australian Special Edition too, maybe two and keep one sealed. Love this game to death, best game of this generation by far.

    I got the US collector's edition when it released, but I still haven't had time to play it. I'm a bad person.

    Very happy :D

    I'd buy it after the great things said about it. I'm looking forward to it :D

    What I really need to know is if the pal version will be compatible with the US version servers. I have the US version but I'll have to get this if all the aus players will be on different servers.

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