Job Cuts Hit Aussie Developer, Again

Job Cuts Hit Aussie Developer, Again

Krome Studios has confirmed it has eliminated an unspecified number of positions at the Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide-based development studio amid rumours it has lost a major game deal with LucasArts.

Yesterday, AusGamers reported a rumour that Krome had shed “more than 50” of its staff after losing out on a deal with LucasArts to develop the Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

Today, Krome has confirmed the cuts, telling Gamespot:

“We regret to confirm an unspecified number of positions have been eliminated today at Krome. The industry worldwide is facing new challenges and Krome is not immune to the effects of this. Beyond that, we cannot make a comment.”

In November, Krome’s Robert Walsh admitted the studio had laid off “an undisclosed number” of workers, rumoured to be between 20 and 30 people. Krome continues to work on Blade Kitten for release on PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s classic arcade Game Room.

Krome confirms staff cuts [Gamespot]


  • Last I heard from the little birds there are 45~ staff members laid off. Majority of which are form Brisbane. 🙁

  • Sad news for some cool dudes workin’ it here in Aus. Unfortunately if the current build of Blade Kitten is anything to go by, it’s not going to get much better over there…

  • Well, if the Wii port of TFU2 will be anything like the Wii port of the first one, then I think we’ll be better off.

    I do feel sorry for the poor people who got laid off though 🙁

  • boy oh boy. getting a degree in 3D to work in games is really starting to have looked like a bad idea…. time to save for overseas…

    • lol.. join the club.

      I did 18mths before realising it wasn’t really a viable career.. I dont know of anyone who I studied with that is actually working in the industry..

      Its not that I or they were bad at it.. and its not that the training wasnt top teir.. it just that kind of indusrty..

      All the same, sad news for the Krome guys..

  • This latest news truly saddens me! Having worked at krome, i was able to witness first hand the true capabilities of the studio, the talent pool that this company had a year back was immense. brilliant artist, programmers and designers!!!

    Its unfortunate that there are still people within the company who would rather spout the Dunning Kruger effect to hide their own incompetence, than to realise they are part of the problem within the company structure, I really believe that the higher up as great as he is! seriously had the wool pulled over his eyes in regards to some of the people he still employs.

    i also think that krome still employ many talented individuals. and i hope that these latest cuts are the last!

  • I too am saddened to hear this and i too have worked at Krome. Sorry to say this, but it was always going to happen. There are people that are still there that shouldn’t be and it’s the great artists, programmers and other workers that pull their slack and put up with their ignorance.

    I thought it disgusting how Krome went about these cuts, thanks for making us money now get the fark out! Thanks for nothing Krome!

    The fact that no one will listen to good ideas, there is no good original IP and the fact that fear is now a motivator will do no good for this company.

    I for one am happy to be rid of this company. Not the people I got to know over the years, they were like family considering what we went through and how much time we all spent together. It’s the playground politics and incompetancy on behalf of a handful that still remain that will eventually sink this ship with the talented still attached.

    RIP Krome

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