Kotaku Readers Mod Themselves, Karts At PlayStation Event

When Sony invites a group of Kotaku readers to dress in silly suits, drive go-karts and play ModNation Racers, we just had to show you the photos.

Ten Kotaku readers - and ten friends - were invited along to Sony's ModNation Racers community event on Wednesday night. After being bussed from Sydney's Central Station out to Wolli Creek's Kartatak Raceway, our brave racers were treated to a presentation of the game, including a sneak behind-the-scenes look at developer United Front Games and a walkthrough of how to go about modding your in-game avatar, kart and track.

Then they were split into teams and tasked with modding themselves and the real karts they'd shortly be taking for a spin on the track. At the end there were muscle cars, emergency vehicles, and army, cowboy and even pimp-themed karts.

Take a look. And, hey, if you were there and can spot yourself in the pics below, let us know in the comments.


    i'm guessing dave is in the middle with the long hair

      I'm guessing Dave's not in any of these photos 'cause he was holding the camera.


        From Below:
        David Wildgoose
        April 30, 2010 at 2:10 PM

        Sony’s official photographer took them.

        OHHH SNAP. (:

      I swear to god I was going to make the same joke about David having grown luxuriously long hair. Whoever that man is, someone buy him a round.

    Hahaha. I'm on the far right with the whip and my gf standing next to me in first photo...

    Good times..

      I certainly hope you having a whip and a girlfriend aren't related in any way :p lol

        Nah mate. I assure you that I am not pussywhipped if thats what you mean ;)

          great comeback LOL

    who won the race

    Did any of you ask to bring these events to Melbourne*? Looks like it was a top night tho!

    *eating a luke warm pie with a tinge of jealous sauce.


    I'm fourth along in the top pic, with the jacket and authentic western shotgun.

    Fantastic night that, thanks again David. =) Where are the pics from?

      Sony's official photographer took them.

        Ta David.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the game itself? Or is it under NDA?

      I found steering to be a bit tricky and I wasn't particularly fond of the weapons I used on the track. Missiles in particular, I thought were a bit difficult to aim.

      Customisation options are where it's at however. It's quite immense but simplified in a way that one of the presenters only took about 15 or so mins or so to make himself a modracer and track and then he was off. The main menu was also presented nicely as its like a little racing village where all the different types of races and customisation features come up as buildings and you drive into them. There's also a community voting system where you and others on psn get to vote for the best designed cars and mod drivers.

      Creating your own track is probably where most of the fun will happen though. Tools looked very simple to use and there was an 'autopopulate' feature there I think to just make a basic track more detailed for your own convenience.

      That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

    yus i was there!!! :P no pics of me but xD

    Yeah good times, I'm the one doing a matrix move in the shot, next to tallkid.

    The game is pretty decent to play for fun. There's only a few niggles with the gameplay itself, but the racing feels similar to Mario Kart. The customization should be fun, but the real value of the game is just as a simple party game, unlike LBP, the learning curve is pretty simple, and you can go split screen/online/throw bots in the race/whatever you want.

    It's apparently launching 20 MAY, so peep it.

    Definately an awesome night.

    Third photo from the bottom; I think that small trace of orange and yellow in the centre is my backpack >_>

    A fantastic looking game in my opinion, but I'm dissapointed there was no bacon car design xD

    The Vikings were comprised of playstation.com.au winners and yes, they were victorious.

    How do i know this?

    I drove the Kart to victory!

    If you'd like a review of the game and/or night, I'd be more than happy to do it David.

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