LunchTimeWaster: Gran Turismo

So there I was, on the Adult Swim site to buy myself a Robot Unicorn Attack t-shirt, when I noticed they had a new browser game up. It's called Turbo Granny.

It's part of Adult Swim's 8-bit Reject parody series and plays a bit like Road Fighter. You drive a car from a top-down perspective, ferrying granny to and from her errands.

There's a strict time limt, but you can gain turbo boosts from dangerous driving, such as slamming other cars off the road. But you also need to be aware of the cops.

It's no Robot Unicorn Attack - hey, what is? - but it's an entertaining enough diversion.

Turbo Granny [Adult Swim]


    Hang on a moment,there are Robot Unicorn Attack t-shirts?

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