LunchTimeWaster: Press Z To Make Your Wishes Come True

Running games are the hot new genre, thanks to Canabalt. But wouldn't it be more fun if instead of being a guy in a suit you were actually a unicorn?

Robot Unicorn Attack sees you auto-running (read: auto-galloping) from left to right across a very pink platform world. Hit Z to make your wishes come true by, well, jumping. Hit X to dash through obstacles. Also, score more points by collecting fairies. All soundtracked by the couldn't-be-more-appropriate synthpop of Erasure's "Always".

Did your wishes come true?

Robot Unicorn Attack [Adult Swim]


    My wish to be exposed to more ridiculous songs from Erasure certainly was certainly fulfilled.

    Can I also recommend people check out the Always video clip on YouTube. Pointless backflips are always welcome. :D

    Great little game here... the combination of visuals and music make the whole thing a little too hard to stop playing.

    Damn unicorns.

    I think we've found the official licensed videogame of this years Eurovision song contest!

    I watched about 2 minutes of the youtube clip and lost my appetite for lunch.

    This should be NSFW for male users

    My high score is 33748 and I'm not afraid to admit it.

    I'm somewhat afraid to admit I actuall much prefer this to Canabalt. I choose to believe its because of more interesting game mechanics, than art style and music.

    This is my favouritest game ever.

    Best. Game. EVER!

    you press 'x' to jason.

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