What's On Good Game Tonight?

It may be Anzac Day – but it’s still Good Game day – and we have a brilliant ep to top off your long weekend.

* Need something to tide you over 'til the release of Diablo III? Torchlight might just be the game to do it – check out our review (also great for those in danger of a WoW relapse, imo).

* We’re bringing you a marathon of a review of Monster Hunter Tri!

We meet a guy whose mission in life is to keep consoles gaming at their very best – no matter how ancient. THANKS console repair guy!

And Bajo brings us a 5-UP on our top-five best gaming moustaches. No I’m not kidding, and no, we’re not running out of ideas... we just thought it deserved a top five, okay?

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Til next week, Hex


    Bit late on the Torchlight down-low. Monster Hunter Tri will never come out of my wii once I buy it.

      They would be reviewing it because it's got a retail release coming up.

    also its not ANZAC day its just a shoddy public holiday

      You'd rather be at work/school?
      Top 5 mustaches? Really? Man can't be THAT hard to think of an actual top 5..?

    Dr Eggman has the best gaming moustache for sure.

      No way, mang.
      Cap'n Price, for the manliest 'stache ever. Not hobo Price (I think that fully extended out to a beard), but the immaculate one from MW, or heck, CoD 1.

    Erm...yesterday was Anzac Day...today's just the holiday....:S

    I love you Hex.


      Don't we all ^_^


      *dislike/LOL (Y)

    I was disappointed with the review of MH Tri. It should not have lost points because of the difficulty curve, that's the greatest thing about MH.
    Also, Snake's stache in MGS4 didn't make it? Really?

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