Aussie Mario Galaxy 2 Date Won’t Make You Woo-Hoo

Aussie Mario Galaxy 2 Date Won’t Make You Woo-Hoo

Nintendo has just announced the Australian release date for Super Mario Galaxy 2. And that date is… Oh, go on, just click through, already.

OK, the Australian release date for Super Mario Galaxy 2 is… July 1.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is out this week in North America.

Oddly, we’d heard June 10 was the launch date from a number of quite adamant sources, despite Nintendo privately telling us that wasn’t the case. Perhaps pushing the release into the new financial year makes a difference to Nintendo?

Nintendo has also confirmed the Australian version of Mario Galaxy 2 will come bundled with a DVD instruction manual “which provides helpful hints and tips. Included are tips for skilled players as well.”


  • Well one could only assume that launching in the new financial year ensures that stores order more copies as they will be past the point of having to count the damn thing.. so it could be a smart move for Nintendo Australia.

    … Smart, although bastardly.

    *waits for lunatics to start a boycot*

    • Maybe its b/c their 09/10 financial report already looks good enough, so they will be getting off to a strong start on FY 10/11

  • From what I’d heard, Galaxy was pretty good. I’ve never played it though as the Wii just sits collecting dust. Maybe on July 1 I will pick it up, but it still stinks we have to wait all the time. Well, not all the time, but you know what I mean.

  • Even if it’s released in the new financial year they’ll still have stock of it when they stocktake in this years. So I don’t know what they hope to achieve.

    Guess they’re releasing it later so we don’t notice we’re not getting Sin and Punishment 2.

  • Eh, I can wait. Not as if I’m starving for new games at the moment. I’ll have my work cut out finishing Monster Hunter Tri before July 1 anyway 😛

  • Very, very disappointing. Oh well still got Red Dead and Alan Wake coming very soon and should keep me occupied till then 🙁

    • no offence that makes no sense because the americans will just upload it(without being morons that make it traceable) and people here will download it

      they release early in the states just as much as they do in australia

      if they were that worried about it the june 10 date would be more than enough no reason for another 3 weeks

      itll all be to do with the financial year

  • Woo hoo! Time to import from play-asia! I don’t know why Nintendo Australia hates the Australian economy so much, if they wanted me to spend none of my money on Australian products… they could have just asked me to nicely!

    This coupled with the sky-high price of games means that I will never, ever buy a game in Australia again. Thank God for the wii freeloader

  • Yeah… could be worse… I’m okay with that though. It’ll give me time to put some effort into Monster Hunter Tri before I lose a few months to SMG2

  • Someone just told me July 1 is when School Holidays start in Victoria… :/

    Their fanbase isn’t all school kids anymore!

  • Must remember this for Wednesday and Ask me Stuff…

    What are Nintendo doing? At times we’ve been the first to get the game (NSMB, if I recall correctly), we don’t get games (Excitebots, Super Sandwich! :p), some games are only at single retailers (Punch Out, JB HIFI)… and other times we are way behind the other countries release dates…

    Despite them rolling in money, it really seems like they don’t know what they are doing sometimes, I mean at least the other 2 attempt to try and keep releases as close as possible around the world.

    • Nintendo just announced this via press release that i also got.

      Thing is, school holidays start the same time. pretty good time to release a mario game i should think…..

      Nintendo Australia cares not for release dates or keeping up with the rest of the world and the impact of importers is so little compared to the mainstream that the delay is worth it in the end.

  • Maybe they have a nintendo australia division that needs to boost its announced income, but they don’t realise that most gamers that want the game are probably gonna ship it from overseas and get it for less, resulting in less net income for their australia division anyway.

    or this could all just be conjecture, and they just decided not to release it at the same time O:

  • July 1 seems reasonable to me. It’s not like back 5-10 years ago when the games where released 6months-1 year apart between NTSC and PAL

  • If the game really has been delayed because of that NSMBW upload, I’ll facepalm. Severely.

    I wonder if Nintendo Australia will have a launch event to make up for this? I hope they make lotsa spaghetti. I love their food when they do promotional junk.

  • Seriously, releasing games in Australia when we forget they even exist is so archaic. Can’t think of any other company that still does that. Can’t help our economy either seeing as a good chunk of people have the ability to import and play.

  • so this means SMG in july
    Metroid October/november

    We will be battling to get a Zelda release this year….

  • ninty better stop pissing and moaning about piracy! this is serious encouragement. i “was” going to buy this game.

  • I thought we’d seen the back of this release bullshit in the modern gaming era? But no, here we are, 2010 and Australia is still being treated as the ass-end of the gaming world.

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