Help Me Choose One More Hero

Earlier this afternoon I announced four of the winners of our No More Heroes 2 competition. But there were five prizes up grabs. I need your help to choose that final winner.

For me, the top four were clear stand-outs. However, I simply couldn't pick a fifth winner. Below are the next best 24 entries. Take a look at them all and then let me know in the comments below who you believe deserves the fifth prize.

And more importantly, explain why. This isn't just a popularity contest!

I'll reveal the final winner tomorrow.


    +1 for the Sam Fisher assassin! Not only is he completely bad-ass, but there's no scarier place to be assassinated than infront of the bathroom mirror...

      I VOTE FOR JARED! It's so simple but the effects are so nice :D

      Manny Calavera FTW. Bloody hell that costume is brilliant! Not to mention thats the best Adventure game ever made.

    Dannie o FTW!!!! That nerf gun collection looks pretty dangerous... plus she has a psychotic look in eye.

    I'm going to give my vote to Jonno. Amusing comic and such a crafty way to off a roommate:)

    +1 to Jonno for his laugh out loud room-mate assassination in true geeky fashion.

    and if I get a 2nd vote...

    +1 to Dannie's for the line: 'geeks get the best toys' - because it answers the comp requirements, and we all know it's true!

    The dude who was dedicated enough to get an Assassin's Creed Costume. I don't think anything else screams out assassin than his costume.

    Wow! Some really amusing entries. Don't know that I could pick a 5th winner either...

    Can I vote for myself?

    VOTE 1 RAGA!


    + 1 for tommy with wheres wally.

    Not only did he give me an real LOL moment when I accidently clicked on it. But you know what, I think Where's Wally has a lot to answer for. Who else can 'blend' in to a crowd with the most outrageous skivy and beanie combination like Wally.

    Not only that, but he is cleverly known as 'Waldo or Wally' depending on what country he is seen.

    Another thing, how does Wally or Waldo... IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME!? get in to all these mysterious places... I tell you how, By being the unsuspecting assassin that he is!!! Smile away wally, smile away. Your not fooling me.

    +1 for the one with the Resident Evil 4 merchant.

    +1 grant-o

    Just because it reminds me of Blues Brothers.

    +1 for Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango (Mick D), because of THAT SCYTHE!!! Also, interesting addition of the Kotaku K.

    +1 to the Grim Fandango guy. Scythe is pure win.

    The Travis Touchdown is simply re-used from Supanova... fail. And I suspect the Altair costume was just bought off of eBay.

    +1 nmh jared a

    he has strategically cast a shadow... looks very pleasing

    +1 vote for Jared coz even thoe u cant rly c him, the shadowing of the shinobi is prety damn awesum.

    +1 for Jared. quite an amazing way to capture a shadow

    +1 for corey l, you can't beat an assassin that is Blanka AND Kakashi.

    Plus his dog stole his copy of NMH 1.

    Personally I'd vote for myself... but that seems a little selfish so I'll pass my vote on to someone else...

    For me it was a toss-up between Kate T and and Mick D... my love for Grim Fandango almost won it... but then the sheer epicness of the Kate T battle won me over...

    My vote is for Kate T. Good Luck!

    Vote #1 for nmh Jared!! :D

    He's too ninja to be seen >=D

    +1 Jared

    very interesting and creative to create something so eye capturing with so few things

    +1 nmh jared a
    awesome hahas

    A vote for Jared!
    One of the few photos that stand out within the avs and the using the lighting to create the shadow looks great.

    that pic is truly awesome great use of shadow and lighting with a nice sneak attack of Kotaku and a touch of cosplay combination to with it. check out those signature shady glasses adds a bit of freaky undercover hero character and yet theyve somehow imbued cutting edge technology with an awesome mac laptop.

    go jared good luck :)

    Some really good entries there. There are about four different ones I liked but I'd have to go with the Sam Fisher costume. The costume says he's a geek and when you see that look in his eyes, you just know he's getting ready to jab you with something.

    +1 for RE merchant
    That voice will probably always make me giggle

    +1 for Jared.Simply because when I read the competition I immediately thought of a ninja wielding a c'mon who wouldnt wanna assasinate with a shuriken? Yuffie does :P

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