Mix And Match From Thousands Of Apps With MOTOBLUR

Motorola’s making a comeback with the launch of two new handsets, DEXT and BACKFLIP. They’re the first to feature Motorola’s Android-powered MOTOBLUR interface, and it’s a combination that brings endless possibilities for customisation. And apps. Lots of apps.

There are endless possibilities for personalisation with one-tap access to over 20,000 apps in the Android Market. DEXT and BACKFLIP come pre-loaded with popular apps like Shazam and Google services we can’t do without, like Maps, YouTube, GTalk and Gmail. You can add the apps you use the most onto the home screen, with just a single tap, and keep the rest tucked out of the way in a simple pull-out drawer on the side.

Email and Notifications
MOTOBLUR syncs your POP3 and IMAP email accounts, and it even supports Microsoft Exchange for people that like to work outside of work hours. Notifications for new messages appear as icons in the top left corner, which can be expanded into a summary with a pull-down menu. Neat feature: Emails are composed in rich text, because when text is less boring to look at, it’s more likely to be read.

Automatically synced, just like everything else MOTOBLUR streams in real time. It handles all your contacts, including, interestingly, everyone on Facebook and Twitter, and when someone changes their photo, status or contact details, MOTOBLUR automatically updates that info on your phone. MOTOBLUR even looks for data that may indicate that two different contacts are, in fact, the same person and merges them together. Very handy if you have lots of online friends who are also friends IRL.

Motorola’s partnered up exclusively with Optus to offer the DEXT and BACKFLIP on new ‘social’ plans ranging between $19 and $99 per month. Check out Optus’ website for more details.


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