Sydney Gamers League Is Back… And I’ll Be There

Sydney Gamers League Is Back… And I’ll Be There

After a few tumultuous years, Sydney Gamers League is under new ownership and destined to return to its former glory. It doesn’t hurt that this weekend’s event from Sydney’s largest LAN party is offering its largest ever assortment of prizes.

After a test event back in March, new owner Jackson “Casualty” Gray is ready to go full swing with the community events, starting this weekend.

Attempting to keep the emphasis on the gaming, over $20,000 in prizes are to be given out and the best teams encouraged to step up and be counted. The largest prizes are reserved for the usual suspects: Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Modern Warfare (the first one, not the lame one), and DOTA.

But plenty of other – some quirky – competitions will take place, such as a midnight Texas Hold’em tournament, and a HDD throwing contest. More info about the competitions can be found here.

I’ll be there MCing and giving out UFC 2010 gear, as well as hosting SGL’s first Game-athlon, an event where each match consists of four genres and one winner.

New tech from Fluidtek, Logitech and Asus as well as newly released games will be on display, such as UFC 2010.

SGL 2.0 will run from noon this Saturday until Sunday afternoon at Macquarie University. It’s a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) event with 400 slots available, so if you want some low-latency gaming action and a great community, register here, hook your computer up to the network and I’ll see you there!


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