AU Diary: There's No Escaping Steak And Cheese

I spent last week in Los Angeles attending E3 and eating oversized plates of food that never failed to feature cheese. Unlike Junglist, however, I managed to avoid American burgers.

So I had a chuckle to myself upon starting work today to find a giant steak and cheese sandwich plastered across the site's front page.

E3 is exhausting. But it's also a great experience.

Sure, you're knackered from the long haul flights, the endless walking from hall to hall and appointment to appointment, the waeving through crowds and dodging people in enormous promo costumes, and the wave of events going well into each night.

But you're also energised by the prospect of exciting news, getting to play dozens of games for the very first time, speaking with some of the brightest minds in game development, and finding yourself caught downtown while Lakers fans celebrate their playoffs win by setting fire to cars.

I hope you enjoyed Kotaku's E3 coverage this year - not just the news and impressions from the US team, but especially Junglist's hilarious insight into what it's actually like at the show. I had a little free time over there, my schedule full of developer interviews, so you've only seen a few glimpses of my E3.

Over the coming weeks and months, however, you can look forward to hearing plenty about the games I saw and the developers I spoke to. Meanwhile, I'm in the market for an assistant to transcribe the eleven hours of interviews sitting on my iPod...


    There certainly is no escaping, what with your article title and the MASSIVE GODDAMNED SUBWAY ADVERTS!

      Yes it's not very subtle.

      Those adverts are the reason we can go to Kotaku everyday

    If the budget will allow there is a couple of places that transcribe audio notes and clean them up and send over to you. The boss uses one.

    Lazy, but efficient.

    So that's why I ordered the steak and cheese sub for lunch!

    Don't you have an intern for all your transcribing needs?

    And if not, do you want one?

      Was about to post the exact same thing :P.

      However, from experience, I can tell you that transcribing audio to text is not fun. It's quite un-fun actually.

      I've only ever really had to do up to a half hour or so at a time, so I feel sorry for David and his 11 hours ><

    Speaking about the Subway add, is the bloke with the hard hat a pun?
    Like with Move and Kinect coming, will gamers need to wear one when munching out while watching their mates jump and flail around?

    North American burgers are 10 X better than an oz burger, beetroot and egg on a hamburger c'mon seriously wtf is with that?

      wtf? You would be dumb not to have an egg on your burger. Beetroot can be ok, but come on....don't diss the egg.

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