Kotaku AU Wrap: The Week That Was

Last week was all about Demon's Souls, Aussie politics and a truckload of bargains.

The week that was on Kotaku AU:

News Bargain Hunter: These Prices Are Just Silly Don’t Believe Kinect, 3DS Prices Bargain Hunter: Everyone’s Clearing Elite Stock Tony Abbott: Classification System Is “Broken” Just Cause 2 DLC Not Endorsed By Clare Werbeloff Let’s Look At Razer’s StarCraft II Accessories Bargain Hunter: Stardust In Your Hand E3′s Biggest Surprises: The Sitting Assassin Bargain Hunter: Wanna Trade Up To The New Xbox? Raid This Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Limited Edition Tomb Bargain Hunter: Brütal Legend Price Decapitation Aussie Nintendo Store: Throwing Bears Into Books

Culture What’s On Good Game Tonight? Here’s Pikachu’s Favourite Ice Cream On The Citadel MC Hammer Xbox 360 Auction Contains Obvious Pun Which Gaming Systems Do You Own? Does Julia Gillard Support An R18+ Rating For Games?

Regulars The Week In Games AU Diary: There’s No Escaping Steak And Cheese Ask Me Stuff Tell Us Dammit Kotaku Matchmaker: Demon’s Souls What Are You Playing This Weekend? Talk Amongst Yourselves

Media Red Dead Redemption Co-Op Screens Can Leave Their Hat On

Features How Did My E3 2010 Predictions Go? Junglist’s UNSE3N At E3 Round-up Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Demon’s Souls

Hands-On Reader Review: Alien Breed Impact Reader Review: Red Dead Redemption Reader Review: Art Style Penta Tentacles Reader Review: Magic The Gathering – Duels Of The Planeswalkers Reader Review: Green Day Rock Band

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LunchTimeWasters Yet More Castles To Crush A Link To The Parsed Super Smash Bullies Brawl Real Estate To Die For Twitter Hell Shmup

Competitions WIN! Demon’s Souls PS3 Black Phantom Edition Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 Help Us Interview Crytek, Win Copies Of Crysis 2 These Kotaku Readers Are Stealthy, But Not Stealthy Enough These Are Kotaku’s Stealthiest Readers (And Peace Walker Winners)


    You must have so much fun making up those pictures.

      you should see the other ones he made called "reddy does dallas"

      fantastic stuff, though i'll never be able to look at the PM the same way again...

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