Let's Look At Razer's StarCraft II Accessories

Nearly a year ago, Blizzard told us they'd tapped Razer to bring us a range of official StarCraft II PC gear. Now, Razer has revealed what that gear actually is.

There's the Razer Spectre gaming mouse ($US79.99 RRP), the Razer Marauder gaming keyboard ($US119.99 RRP) and the Razer Banshee gaming headset ($US119.99 RRP). They glow blue and sport the StarCraft II logo.

Razer has confirmed all three accessories will be available in Australia, but as yet no price nor launch date has been set. StarCraft II is out on July 27 in Australia. Check out the pics below.


    I like the look of the headset - I assume they have a regular non branded equivalent too?

    That keyboard is awesome. I want one

    Wow! isn't that just... a complete waist of money

      My cynical side says you are paying $120 for a few blue LEDs. I'd like to think its worth it to those who will get special enjoyment form it, but personally my $30 logitech headset will continue to suffice.

        Razer products are great if you want that edge in competitive gaming. Trust me I went from a MS mouse > Logitech MX510 > Razer and it was definitely a leap above the rest. If you play any FPS shooter online then you should definitely invest in a proper mouse.

        Can't say anything about the keyboards or headsets but I have both on my shopping list.

      That's pretty much standard pricing for Razer gear. The added bonus is the Starcraft II branding for the fanatics out there.

      Oh, and I assume you meant "waste" not waist....

    Going on the US pricing, there are options out there from Razer and Steelseries that are the same or greater quality, with a lower price tag. You just don't get the 'APM technology' :P

    Do want!
    Unfortunately can't afford.. But maybe that's a good thing :P

    This keyboard doesn't seem particularly good for Starcraft. If they paid any attention to pro players they use the arrow keys often so placing them on the bottom of the numpad is a mistake. Starcraft players often remove the windows key because it is useless as well. To top it off if they really researched players will buy two keyboards of different colour and mix the keys together in a checker-board pattern so they are easy to differentiate between. All this matched with the price makes this a massive joke.

    Tron Keyboard/Mouse set still looks better :P


    So, anyone feel like giving me large amounts of cash for no reason?

    I'm gonna have to say "Meh".

    the keyboard looks squished/compact...

    While I applaud Razer's rationale for making higher end stuff targeted at gamers, I can't help but think the headset is a bit ridiculous, it doesn't improve your skill at all. I've abused my crappy $10 mic headset for the last 2 years through hardcore raiding sessions as well as SC2 beta and it still works fine.

    The keyboard looks... not sure, can't say until I play around with it, but the LEDs are so gaudy. This is a case where it's actually going to adversely afffect your game if you're distracted by glowing lights. If you're serious about your RTS games, just pick up the Samsung QSENN, it's the keyboard most progamers use and after trying one myself, it is pretty damn durable. $30-35, far cheaper than this.

      If you use a good headset that is either surround or can simulate surround then you've got an instant 1 up on players in FPS's. People start accusing you of hacking actually..

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