Which Gaming Systems Do You Own?

It's time for another readers poll. This time we want to know about the hardware you own. Vote now!

Oh, and you can make more than one selection if you own multiples systems.

Which Gaming Systems Do You Own?online survey


    what - no gamecube? :)

      In that case, mark the "Wii" checkbox but only 50% of the way through.

      Yeah, I wanted to note down my Gamecube too :( It still gets a fair bit of use!

    I have a lynx, damnit!

      i think i still have my lynx somewhere! batman returns is one of the hardest games of all time

    what about my lynx, gamecube, 64, snes, mega drive, master system, psx, saturn, gba, atari's, psx, commodore or anything else i've forgotten from my collection?

    I also still have a ps2, N64, gameboy sp and a gamecube, although it gets no attention.
    I just haven't managed to sell it yet.

    I think the Dreamcast should be there, my preferred Street Fighter 3 machine.

      SF3 second impact, third strike, Alpha 3, MVC2, Capcom vs SNK 2, Project Justice... Dreamcast is STILL my fighting game system of choice.

    I ticked them all. :/

    What no Virtual Boy option?

    Dreamcast? I own everything except a Mac.

    I honestly can't remember the last time I played my DS.

    I think it's obviously only taking into account current consoles, aka consoles that are still sold in stores guys. This isn't a "post your collection" thread.

      Yeah I dont think this was so people could stroke their own ego's by braging about what they own, it's likely something more practical than that

      Yeah, but the PS2 isn't there...

    I was hoping to add my NES, Atari 2600 and Sega Master System :P

    all of the above and then some.
    gaming pc X 1
    gaming laptop pc X 5
    macbook pro gaming X 2
    ps3 X 2
    360 X 2 (plus i recently bought 1 for a mate, jb's @ $250 for an elite and 2 games)
    wii X 1
    psp X 1
    ds X 2
    iphone 3g X 2
    iphone 3gs X 1
    iphone 4 X very damn soon!!!
    ipad X 2
    ps1 X 1
    gamecube X 1
    nes X 1
    snes X 1
    dreamcast X 1

    i still want to get back:
    atari 2600, Aquarius pc, commodore 64, master system and mega drive with mega cd.
    all the cool stuff from when i was growing up.

    i remember back when my mum first got me the mega drive. i really wanted the snes aswell but she wouldnt have a bar of it. i must have been 14 or 15 (32 now). i was looking at it in myers and this is before they put then into perspex cases...
    i leant over the back of the console, yanked out the plugs and stuffed it into my jumper then proceeded to walk out with a mate just laughing so hard. LOL. i couldnt even imagine doing something like that now. i reckon id piss my pants.
    for anyone that has wanted to do the same thing but has been unable due to the perspex, you have me to thank for it. after only a couple of months they had those cases in the place i did it, and soon after that they were everywhere.
    just think, i could have done you a favour by deterring you away from a life of crime ;)

    just for the record... all items listed above have been purchased properly and legally. i got my teenage angst and rebellion stage out young, and fast.
    well, thats my piece of nostalgia out for the day. enjoy :D

      People still do that they just get them out of the boxes instead of the display models. A friend of mine had someone in his store open a PS3 box and walk out with the console under his jacket. Ten minutes later he came back and grabbed the controller and cables. You've got to give the guy credit for being that ballsy. The store has a single door exit with a full time security guard checking bags.

    What about PS2? Although it'd probably be a pretty safe assumption that EVERYBODY has one of those tucked away somewhere.

    What if we have a console but regret owning it so much that we don't really want to admit to it *coughPSPcough*?

    Nice to see you put Mac there too.

    Mac - that isn't a gaming system...

      War-themed hat simulators have been available for Mac for a few days now.

    I ticked every single box that didn't involve Apple or their products.

    I feel like an individual.

      I am sorry to say you are not.

    Funny that(at the time of writing this) that a vote on which console you own hosted on the internet is being ruled by PC.
    I wonder why that is.

    why do people buy more than one of the same console?? unless it breaks but then technically you are replacing it...??

    Where's the Commodore 64. C'MON guys, lift your game

    Ticked PC, 360, DS, PSP, iPhone. Didn't tick PS3 because it has been broken for a year and I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet.

    Hmm... do I click PC? I have a PC. But it's still running 98 and most of the games that get used on it are pretty old, or older. And even then not often at all.

    Maybe I'll leave it :P

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