LunchTimeWaster: Real Estate To Die For

Monopoly takes forever. You'd never finish a game within your standard lunch hour. But when you sprinkle a few Monopoly concepts over a competitive multiplayer RPG, you have the ideal LunchTimeWaster.

Norapoly - named after devs Nora Games - presents you with a tiled board. Each player - up to four - starts on their home and takes turns to move. You have to complete a lap of the board by moving over all four home bases to earn earn cash (ie. pass go and collect $200). You can spend this cash by moving over house tiles, which turn your colour and grant you a certain stackable abilities - extra health, damage, shield, speed.

The idea is to manoeuvre yourself around the board, upgrading yourself so that you can attack the other players. Last man standing wins. Then it's onto a new board. There are five boards in all, so you should be able to finish the whole thing within the hour.

Norapoly [Nora Games]


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