LunchTimeWaster: Science Friction

Hungry for some bite-sized strategy gaming for lunch today? Star Relic looks like a good, healthy option.

Battles play out across a hex-based grid. You must protect your "warp gate" - ie. your base of operations - while trying to shut down your opponent's. You spend energy to produce various ships, each with their own costs and characteristics. Across the board are neutral stations that can aid any ship that finishes its turn in an adjacent hex.

Star Relic's most unusual feature is that, at the end of each turn, the entire board rotates clockwise. If you think of each hex as being in orbit around the central star, you'll realise that this means the layout will change every turn. As the outer ring of hexes takes much longer to complete a full rotation than the rings inside it, your strategy can be thrown into disarray if you're not thinking ahead.

Can you get your head around the advance planning required to take advantage of the orbiting system?

Star Relic [Newgrounds]


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