Gamers 4 Croydon Decides To Not Press Continue

Gamers 4 Croydon Decides To Not Press Continue

Australia first gamer rights political party, formed to run against former South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, has opt to close down and will not contest the upcoming federal election.

Gamers 4 Croydon was formed in November 2009 with the aim of ousting Australia’s biggest obstacle to an R18+ classification for videogames. At the South Australian election on March 20, Atkinson won his seat with a drastically reduced vote and promptly resigned.

Gamers 4 Croydon founder David Doe said his party exceeded expectations.

“We put political pressure on and helped unseat an Attorney-General (who was oddly absent throughout the ALP’s 2010 campaign). We (along with others) helped raise public awareness of the classification debate by getting on mainstream radio and television and outlaying the facts as they are, rather than as they are perceived or often portrayed. And personally, I’d like to think that we brought something genuine to the political process and managed to engage a previously disengaged and largely overlooked segment of voters.”

But Doe believes the time has come to “pass the torch”:

“Having successfully been a part of removing one of the largest roadblocks to classification reform in this country, we feel that Gamers4Croydon has run its course as a party. As a result, we are in the process of de-registering the party. Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the campaign.”

Doe also calls on Gamers 4 Croydon supporters, when thinking about who to vote for in the imminent federal election, to “look very closely” at the policies of the Australian Sex Party and the Greens. Both parties, Doe says, have many policies in common with G4C in terms of classification and the other environment issues that formed the basis of his party’s platform.

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  • Jolly Good Job O’le Chap!

    A couple of months ago I was wearing my G4C threads to a footy game in Melbourne and a random saluted my choice of garment.

    I’d say that is pretty good public awareness.

    • thats awesome… I would have done the same in Sydney…

      This actually makes sense and I think they guys did a great job…

      Well done to all.

  • So much for them saying “oh there’s more to our party than just getting an R18+ rating”.

    This is why I never supported them. All bark, no bite.

    • They did exactly what they set out to do. Your smugness won’t change the fact that G4C were very much part of unseating the long-time incumbent Atkinson.

      • Because Atkinson being re-elected early this year shows that G4C played a huuuuggggeeee role. yeah, I’ve decided to be sarcastic too.

        • Firstly, there was no sarcasm in my previous post.

          Secondly, a 15.6% swing against an incumbent is ‘huuuugggggeeee’ in anyone’s book. In virtually any other seat in the whole country, that kind of a swing would unseat the incumbent. Labor were lucky that it happened in one of their deepest safe seats, or they would have lost it outright.

          Though Labor the part didn’t lose the seat, it was clear to the party that Atkinson was causing problems. Its also clear that G4C made an impact in that they received 3.7% of the votes in Croydon. Obviously a small percentage overall, but a large part of the 15% Labor lost.

          • I do not believe for a second that G4C were the prime instrument in Atkinson’s removal.
            That’s like saying you killed JFK because you were running an anti-JFK rally in Dallas on the day he was shot.

        • When you have the guts to do what they did then come back and crow

          until then you’re just another person who wants something changed but won’t do anything about it.

          • 1, If the “I don’t see you doing any better” argument was considered a valid argument then critics would all be out of a job.

            2, Your second statement only works on the condition that getting an R18+ rating was all I care about. I do not and will not throw away a vote on a policy which is minor in nature.

          • The only way you can throw away a vote is if you don’t check preferences.

    • I would hardly think that starting up a political party and running 6 candidates in an election would be considered “no bite”. It’s people like you why they weren’t more successful.

      • Unlike you, I have no inclination of throwing away my vote just to play violent games.
        There are more outstanding issues that decide my vote and their one and only real policy was no where near enough to be a decision maker no matter how much they spun it.

          • Do pray tell how I’m being contradictory.

            G4C claimed that they had other policies besides the R18+ issue even though theses other ‘issues’ were never properly highlighted.

            G4C also made it pretty obvious they they were formed to unseat Atkinson so already, any other polcies were afterthoughts.

            R18+ was never enough for me to vote for them.

            So really, everything I’ve said has been consistent with my previous posts. Do tell me where I’m contradicting myself.

          • @SHL
            I agree with you that they were somewhat of a one trick pony. They had policies other than R18 for games but the R18 for games was the core of their party.
            That is not a bad thing though.

            The purpose of interest groups is to have their opinion heard on an issue that is important to the group but maybe not so important to the rest of Australia. They are there to say “just because there are bigger issues doesn’t mean this isn’t and issue” and they have a right to have their voices heard on the matter.

            No one expected them to get elected and really I don’t think anyone expected Atkinson to lose because of them. This was simply about applying pressure and showing that the issue was important enough that it warranted more time invested in it and a change in policy.

            I think they achieved their goals in that regard and deserve to be congratulated.

        • I hate to break it to you mate, but a few very important things are wrapped up in this debate that you seem unaware of. Firstly, the well-worn “age of gamers” argument. This R18 rating is important to a lot of voting age people. 3.6% of Croydon voters thought it was important enough to (in part at least) cause them to vote for a new party.

          Secondly, your allusion that R18 is just to play violent games is a gross misrepresentation of the situation. If you’ll recall the edited version of GTA4 for Australia didn’t take out any violence at all, but rather sex. If your worldview doesn’t include sex, then fine, but I’d rather see games that are able to express themselves concerning sex and not be censored in the future. That segues into the second issue here: censorship and the lack of freedom of speech here in Australia. We don’t have it. This R18 campaign IS actually part of a movement towards freedom of speech, as is the furore surrounding the proposed internet clean feed. Personally I think that issue is definitely worth considering.

          G4C may not have been the prime reason for Atkinson’s departure. I’m not making a direct and solely causal claim. In fact, they really would be more of a symptom of his larger problems. He was running a personal agenda, not party politics. His personal agenda was distasteful to a lot of people. G4C in cold hard numbers accounted for about a quarter of the losses he suffered, but there were obviously other parties that were voted for instead of Labor. That said, if there had been no G4C campaign, and no wider R18 awareness campaigns, would those other votes have gone to Labor? No one can truly say, certainly neither of us. However you can’t say that G4C did not contribute, when there are stats that prove a baseline impact they had.

          • Which still has no contribution to the fact that he resigned. So really, you can’t say he was beaten because he wasn’t.
            You can’t say that Atkinson would’ve lost if the seat wasn’t a safe labor one because he didn’t.

          • A 15% loss of support didn’t have any impact on his ‘decision’ to resign? Ok. You go on believing that.

            And I can say that anyone else (barring two or three others that had a 70% or greater preference for Labor) would have lost the seat. Its statistically very easy to say.

            Just out of curiousity, why *did* he resign?

          • SHL, I dare you to go search Atkinson on Google and find the few stories that DON’T relate to him being an outspoken critic of the R18 rating. He was the national posterboy for a policy only he and a minority of nanny-state voters really stood in defense of.

            The fact he will be remembered nationwide as the guy who stopped the R18 rating from getting through shows just how much Atkinson became associated with the issue. Don’t tell me that didn’t have an impact on what his electorate thought of him.

          • Man, this SHL guy got rolled by Adam. Logic and facts > vauge dismissive statements.

  • Pirate Party of Australia is the closest to G4C in terms of policy, check them out if you want to support the tech future of Australia.

      • the 2 policies the public backed G4C over were 1) R18 game rating and 2) no net censorship. pirate party feature both of these policies as part of their core platform. seems pretty similar to me!

        • Yeah whatever. Let me know when the pirate party actually get around to, you know, registering as a political party instead of being a massive bunch of posers pontificating about the evils of copyright and people being rewarded for their labours.


          • Last I checked they had the numbers and put in the papers to register. At least thats what the press release they put out said. Im reasonably sure they were in before the deadline too.

            Process just takes time.

  • Hats of to them, they stuck to their guns and got the result they wanted in a round about sort of way.

    Good for them, especially in the face of a low ball playing hamstring cutter like Atkinson.

  • What a shame, I was looking forward to the issue being pushed in the federal election but I understand that Prior and Doe put their lives on hold for the SA election and may not be able to do it again even if they wanted to but with Atkinson out that doesn’t mean the rating issue will be resolved, the major block is out of the way but the rest of the suits in government still are of old thinking, just look at queensland, you can get a 100 dollar ticket on the spot for swearing in public, and Conroy is still around, I still think we need someone like G4C to be around to push it through the gates and be another voice against the filter, all the other parties didn’t have the class of g4c, as a member of the party I say it’s a shame.

  • Never put much stock in them. Theres no way they would have ever held office on an R18 policy. dont give me the a list of the other crap they were pushing. the name of the party had gamers in the title…

  • While I figured they weren’t going to get anything but a minority of the votes, I will give my hats off to them for pushing the issue and raising public awareness of it. They did more to help overcome the issue than any vocal forum poster has ever done.

    Good job David and co. You guys did a great service to gamers everywhere =)

  • @ SHL
    I have to agree with Adam Ruch with everything he has said.

    I voted for the Greens but prior to that my last vote was for Labor.

    However, I have to attribute my change of vote to G4C because they brought the issue of classification reform to the public’s and my notice.

    G4C’s aim was never to get voted to office but to increase awareness of the issue of classification reform. In that regard, they have succeeded beyond everyone’s expectations.

    While G4C only garnered 3.7% of the vote (an already impressive feat for a new party with little funding), I am willing to bet that many others (myself included) were influenced by concerns over classification reform and changed their vote.

    My congratulations to G4C for their success. It is refreshing to see people stand up and fight for what they believe in.

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